Friday, March 18, 2005

Arabs suck

Disclaimer: Arabs, read at your own discretion. This piece is objectively racist (whatever that means).

I'll start by saying that I am an Arab, descendant of Ramses someway or another (i.e. Egyptian), who believes in Allah and that prophet Muhammad is his messenger. I am also a few other things which are irrelevant here.

Now let me start over. Arabs suck.

Isn't this what we've been taught in school. Pre-Islamic Arabia was in shatters. I happen to agree.

Arabs used to burry their infant girls alive, tribes went to war for decades in a row, cursing each other in their poems, enslaving people, and being extremely narrow minded with absolutely no tolerance. I think we weren't taught wrong at school. Surrounded by two empires, Persia and Rome, none of them cared to seize control of Arabia. Nothing but headache out of doing that.

God decided to take on the challenge, and send his message (Islam) to that lousy group of people. And sure it was a challenge, a new religion to a group of intolerant, stubborn, and violent bunch of desert dwellers. Sure it was a challenge, they sent 60 men, one from each tribe, to kill the prophet. He's one of you, assholes. They threw him with rocks in AlTae'f, and drove him out of Mecca.

Eventually, God proved His point. He ruled, and His message got through. Even Arabs can be tamed with Islam. For a while there, Arabs (most of them) did understand Islam well, were able to follow it properly, to rule and govern right. Did you see what happened when we did that, a Muslim civilization arose, from Andalusia and southern Europe out to China. Spread by the sword, by the merchants, or by the good deeds and words of the people, whatever. It spread, the empire was strong, science, culture, art and humans developed, and the standard of living was reaching new peaks.

So what's gone wrong now?! (something we're not told about in schools). Arabs are being themselves again, misunderstand and misuse Islam, and even worse, claim that our ill traditions are part of Islam. Burry our women alive (instead of infant girls), go to war with each other, enslave those less fortunate than us, becoming again intolerant and narrow minded. Well, God ain't gonna challenge us again, we've had our chance. God and His messenger are not going to be there for us all the time, dammit. We're on our own now.

Its our turn to take it on again, no guidance, and no help to show us the way. Give up those fucked up old Arab/Pharaonic/Pakistani/... traditions, and embrace the tolerant Islamic values without staining them with our cultural ills.

Oh, and regarding Arab nationalism. Arab nationalism my ass. Its never gonna happen.

I should have another piece on how Egyptians suck. But just quickly, if Islam was able to tame the Arabs for a while, it stood helpless with Egyptians and couldn't mend them! And yet, some how Egyptians were able to get their country praised in the Quran a few times. We really know how to get our way with the authorities, eh!

Think Arabs are better than that? Refute my claims. Think Arabs are just that, no need to mention it again, thanks.

Ok, do I really have to be fair?! Traditional Arabs are generous and good hosts, and are the native-speakers of a great language. That doesn't balance things out though.


Hellme said...

Interesting point of view.

The Cairene said...

So that makes you, err, neither Arab or Egyptian? Or you're both and hence you suck?

Hesham said...

Being both an Egyptian and an Arab, I tend to agree with you. But I might add or dispute your reasons.

Arabs suck because they are intolerant. To me that's the main reason if not the only one. Arabs are originally nomadic tribes. Who used to live in groups and they fight and die for their tribe and/or their tribe's believes. Now have a look in any of our societies, you find people tend to make groups within groups; Islamic fundamentalists, moderate, pro-western, ahly, zamalek, fool we ta3meya VS kabab we kofta.

In most of our societies the concept of imposing my opinions and believes on everyone is very common. If you aren't doing the same then you are wrong.

The same thing happens in western societies (Australia VS new Zealand, PC vs mac, McDonald Vs burger king) but it doesn't happen on such a great scale plus the law is strong enough to make you think twice before crossing the line.

Yes, Arabs suck and I am one of them, but until we open our eyes and minds, until we live and let live, we won't get anywhere.

Al Sharief said...

It's all Relative...

Oh well..., Hesham puts it well of how groups(especially Nomadic tribes) in all societies across history, committed similar acts that SUCKS even more and much worse... just an example is what the Western European White Man did to the native north and south American Indians and almost eliminated theme
The immigrated Europeans (had a civilization and were ruled by far more "developed & "civilized" monarchies and later fought each other on the Spanish-American WAR and later in 2 GREAT WARS I & II that the whole world is still suffering from it's colonialism, specially the Arabs and a lot of African nations till today.

For one I do not think the Arabs are worse than the African "tribal" groups that committed the awful atrocities that took place in Rowand few years ago under the eyesight of the leftover of the western colonial powers...

The very fact that the nomadic Arab tribes carried the message of Islam the way they did in establishing the Arab-Islamic Civilization and the way they responded to Islam at least in the early Khalifas days was very very good for a punch of desert Arab dwellers...

BTW some researchers consider the early forefathers of VERY old Egypt as the "Arabs of the Nile Valley"

The Bigger questions here are How the Arabs went a strays? and What it would take to put them back on track? The best I've seen on this
is "Shroot Al Nahdhah" or "the conditions to Rise" by Malik , an Arab North African who is an Islamic Thinker on his own rights as a contemporary democratic reformer for the Arab-Moslem nation and beyond...
Malik Bennabi is NO SUCKS

DeeLiciouS said...

Agreed. Totally.

praktike said...

Mohamed, it sounds like you might get along with this guy.

Mohamed said...

But.. I am just an ordinary Egyptian, who simply doesn't care who's listening (most of the time).. and hey, sometimes I say pleasant things about what's going around here.

Ok, there might be some similarities with that 'Arfan guy, I just don't wanna admit it.

Hani said...

Hey dude.
Quite a post. I was in Cairo back in 2002 and towards the end of the stay there i was feeling much the same as you describe.

However, there are good things which i saw there, which i don't see where i live, and bad things there which i don't see where i live. And vice-versa. I think you really ought to have lived in the Arab world, and the Western world to appreciate the good and bad of both societies.

Mohamed said...

Hani, agree. I think each culture sucks in its own way.

Just happens that the way we suck is preventing us from becoming a developed/advanced nation, that's all. And that kind of annoys me.

Twosret said...


I'm actually offended by your post and I won't comment unless you ask for it!


Mohamed said...

Twosret, I've made a semi-apology here. But ofcourse, please be my guest and comment.

I just realized why you might be offended actually. You're a Christian Arab? But please explain more.

Twosret said...

Yes Mohamed I'm Christian arab, and I will be back later to post how I feel about this topic. Also, the Foreigners in Cairo topic is very interesting.

Tata for now

Twosret said...


I think you are one Arab who is really ashamed of his roots. It sounds to me that you are falling into an Arab suck depression. I would like to assure you that I am not in denial about our current situation as Arabs because of multiple factors to name a few our Arab leaders (yes I’m one of those who blame our leaders for where we are today) poverty, lack of education, the real suckers of our goodies the Spanish, English, French and recently American invasion. Those super power suckers that still plan to restrict us not to move forward and stay where we are.

You said: -“So what's gone wrong now?! (something we're not told about in schools). Arabs are being themselves again, misunderstand and misuse Islam, and even worse, claim that our ill traditions are part of Islam. “

You are addressing here some human nature bad traits and applying it to all Arabs?. George W. Bush uses Christianity to lie to people and scare people and justify war. The crusaders did. Please identify to me a group of people that doesn’t misuse or abuse it’s religion. The Zionists did and the whole world followed and it is creating an eternal conflict through history that is causing death, war and destruction. If we follow your logic then most people around the world suck even those who doesn’t believe in God.

You said:- “Burry our women alive (instead of infant girls), go to war with each other, enslave those less fortunate than us, becoming again intolerant and narrow minded.”

They abuse their women too in other countries you know, domestic violence, rape in America is not any better, I have to disagree with Hesham also because I live in the Midwest in a small town I happened to help in women Shelters where I live and a lot of the abusers don’t give a dime about law. It is very safe in my little town to be a lesbian so your male partner won’t kill you.

You did minimize in your post the early Arab achievements and their superiority in so many fields in the past. How can you underestimate people who have spent their lives to working so hard to achieve in the past and present and gather all the Arabs in one basket?

May be it will be good idea for you to pack and leave as you mentioned in your post. You might be a happier British invader, or French with bloody history, or an American racist and potential crusader :)

Next time you pass by Groppi in Heliopolis and see Naguib Mahfouz having his coffee at 9:00 am you need to apologize to him BIG TIME. Next time you see El-Baz on T.V. or the travel channel rating Dubai and Borg El Arab to be the top destination in the world you might think there is more than those barbarian savage Arabs in the U.A.E. Check out the tolerance of Moroccans and find out more about Azouly the Jewish advisor of the Moroccan King. Olympic gold medal winner Nawal El-Matawakal family apparently were not abusive . Hicham El-Gerroug was open minded enough to accept 2 gold medals.

I better check on that lamb for my Easter dinner ;)

Mohamed said...

Great to read your feedback Twosret. No, I'm not ashamed of my roots. Definetely not. But I love admitting my faults, just love it, and Arabs are not very good at that. All I hear of Arabs is hollow pride, and it doesn't get us anywhere.

Yes, I have fallen into an "Arab suck depression". Who hasn't! And I know I'll dissapoint you further when I tell you that our Arab leaders are part of the problem, yes, but we (the people) are a bigger part of it.

Agree, big time apologies to Naguib Mahfouz, Usama El-Baz (whom I've actually seen sitting on the sidewalk in the Opera, not just on TV, or do you mean Farouk), and Nawal El-Matawakal, and all the other great Arab individuals (many many others). We have great people, that's for sure. I mentioned some positive aspects of Arabs, didn't I ;) There have always been, and there will always be great Arabs. Sure, even in today's dire state we're in, there are still great individuals.

As I mentioned in a previous comment, each culture sucks in its own way. Implerialists suck, and Zionists suck, sure, but they're not the topic of this post ;) I should really start working on that complex post that I wanted to write for a while on why Egyptians suck (or "What's wrong with Egyptians"). But the conclusion is, we don't suck as individuals, but we suck big time as a group, we suck whenever we get into any collective effort. This is when the worst of each individual comes out.

Again, every culture sucks in its own way, but the culture that leads and advances is the one that overcomes its critical negative aspects, especially those aspects that stalls and inhibits its development. We, as a culture were able to do that once (for whatever reason), and overcame our ills, but it seems to me that we're far from that today.

Don't blame me if your lamb was overcooked :)

TheQueen said...

Hi everybody,

What a great blog!Compliments to all of you. It's great to find an Arab online forum with a free exchange of ideas on such a wide variety of issues.

Of course I only found it because I googled the words Arabs+suck but maybe we don't suck so much after all!

Actually I think Arabs are not better or worse than anyone else. Our problem is just that we think we are. We lack the culture of self-criticism. We blame everyone else but ourselves for our problems. We're always the victims. It's always a conspiracy. And so we don't try to do anything about the fact that we're at the bottom of the world. We just sit & complain & wait for the conspiracy to stop. PATHETIC!

The writer of this post is right in everything he says. It's sad but I really don't think he has anything to apologize for.

One more point Arab nationalism will never happen & that is a good thing. Arab nationalism is a racist concept & completely ignores the existence of non-Arabs within the borders of so many supposedly Arab countries. We should think in terms of multiculturalism because the fact is we are many cultures instead of trying to stuff one uniform culture down everyone's throat.

Have a nice day everyone.

IRAN AZADI said...

I love it. this just may be my favorite Arab blog. You're not afraid to say what you feel. I was born a muslim, but I believe in God now, not religion.

Not just the Arabs, but Middle easterners suck. From Jews, to Arabs to my people, Iranians.

When will we stop killing and torturing ourselves? When will we stop killing others because they believe in a different idealogy. I'm not saying we are all terrorists. I think there are a lot of ISraeli terrorists too, but they wear uniforms.

I'm just saying its time for the MIddle East to stand up and fight terrorism. Its time for Saudi Arabia and Iran to travel into modern times.

Its time we put the painful past behind us, unite, and try and make our world a better place.


i hate thinking of a user name said...

its good to know that there are arabs out there questioning the status quo. now im hopeful that one day arabs will rise again. How I would LOVE to be alive for that, but it seems like we have a looong way to go. everyone on this blog seems intelligent so how bout we all meet up and fix the arab world ourselves, ill find a "HOW TO.." guide in the library. Dont forget to bring snacks!

Jupiter said...

The history o Arabs is no different than those of the Egyptians and Romans.

I think you should weigh your comments, Mr. Mohammed, before you spell your rubbish ideas to the world.

Remember, Arabs are influential enough to make people like you use their language and adopt the fastest growing religion in the world, Islam.

haymore37 said...

Amen brother, ARABS AND ISLAM DO SUCK!!! looser, you suck!! The latest example of ISLAM ARAB suckdom is in Darfur...."OH, ISLam preaches peace and brotherhood." one still beleives that do they????
All rag heads who support ISLAM and their violent beleifs need to be hung by there rags till dead!!!! Hey, I think Islam alrready uses that as a form of death, you know, for kissing a woman in

haymore37 said...

ISLAM: "Religion of Peace?"

Islam is today being portrayed as a peaceful and tolerant religion. History proves otherwise! Though there were certainly periods of relative tranquility and tolerance, minorities and non-Muslims have always been prosecuted under Islam. In fact, Islamic ideology is based upon an intense hatred of the non-Muslim. For Muslims, there exist two kinds of non-Muslim enemies... kafir (non-believers in Islam) and ahl al-kitab (People of the Book). Kafir, such as Buddhists and Hindus, must either convert to Islam or face execution. People of the Book include Jews and Christians. These people need only submit to Muslim authority to avoid forced conversion or death. Although they may keep their original faith, their status becomes dhimmi (a "protected," yet inferior non-Muslim status). So instead of outright forced conversion or slaughter, the Christians and Jews would be allowed to remain somewhat unmolested as long as they acknowledged the superiority of the Muslim. However, as 100,000 dead Lebanese Christians and Israel's beleaguered Jewish population have discovered over the years, these guarantees have proved worthless!

ISLAM: "Religion of Peace?"

The Holy Qur'an (the "Bible" of Islam) was inspired by Mohammed. No one knows his last name because Mohammed could neither read nor write. But one thing is for certain. Whoever wrote this sick collection of madness must have had his brain baking far too long in the hot desert sun of Arabia! The name "Mohammed means "Highly Praised" [or was he "Highly Crazed"].

In effect, Islam remains a religion of the Dark Ages. It is the most violent and intolerant faith that has ever been presented to mankind! A prima facie example of the insanity found within the Qur'an is the fascist, warlike notion of "Jihad," or "Holy War." Apologists for Islam say "Jihad" is one personal struggle to obtain a higher moral standard. But what it really represents is a violent military action (even terrorism) against the non-Muslim. If you don't quite believe this, visit Ground Zero where New York City's World Trade Center once stood!
99% of atrocities against humanity taking place today are CARRIED OUT IN THE name of islam!!!

Osama Ben Israel said...

I am a recovering megolamaniac, Osama Ben Israel. I could have become a Zionist, but I became Catholic instead, so too good for me and too bad for everyone else

Nonetheless I still have delusions of grandeur and this is what I have to say.


Justice in this situation, and at this point, is expressed as mercy towards the victims of the violence in both Lebanon and Israel. Bombs shall be turned into humanitarian aid, swords into plowshears and both sides in this conflict shall do their part to help those who are suffering right now. Being right shall be judged by the measure of assistance that is offered.

The Occupation as the root cause of this mess shall be addressed. Uncivilized behavior of combatants shall be addressed; lower human nature shall be addressed; racism will be addressed.

Individuals and countries who show themselves to be civilized, and holders of wisdom shall be put in charge of those who show themselves to be less than civilized by their behavior towards others, those who violate the basic precepts of human dignity. Any one who judges their sister or brother harshly shall hear the Words of Christ who said “ he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

Hypocrites shall be called the worst sinners and arrogance the worst sin, Humility the highest virtue.

Queen Noor is to be nominated as spiritual regent of the entire region. Arab leaders shall respect her judgement. Israeli leaders shall respect her wisdom and dialogue with her and other luminaries on this subject constructively.

Flaws in the establishment of the State of Israel shall be addressed and dealt with properly. Justice and mercy shall be administered properly in the region.

The dove shall be the symbol of hope to the region (lasting peace) as the dove flies between heaven and earth and soars above the earth and its temporal vanities, so too shall individuals, and peoples and countries be encouraged and taught to overcome the world, to hearken to the Divine Dignity of man, and call forth his/her highest potential in the sight of G-d.

There will be those like Hezbollah who may begin to love their enemy, their are those who may not. All will be addressed accordingly after a period of time.

You cannot discuss this situation in the terms “lasting peace” simply by referring to an absence of arms for Hezbollah and an absence of violent activity due to military force etc. You cannot legislate peace into existence. Peace is the fruit of Love which is encouraged through respect, justice , understanding and charity/ mercy towards others, even and especially your enemy.

Love your enemy.
Do good to those who persecute you.

These are the words that the Jewish Messiah of Israel spoke. When these words are followed then and only then can there be a lasting peace.

Anonymous said...

ya defiantly don't agree with you Islam the religion it self caused Arabs to be like this the religion is not peaceful or civilized. look at the Arab countries to claim that they are Islam they follow the koran and yet they have caused many of the problems in the modern day..terorism, war, and Muslims have portrait this image to the rest of the western world with, the way you dress and act violently and uncivilized around others. I agree with you that Arabs suck..because we do but it is the people beliefs and way of life that cause them to suck. Egypt was a gorgeous country before Islam - fellow sucky arab

Al-Hajeji said...

"I'll start by saying that I am an Arab, descendant of Ramses someway or another "

I am an Arab, descendant of Qahtaan. I am very proud of my roots and you should know that
Allah (swt) blessed us with the Quran, Islam was spread through our hands, we taught the others how to live, even after the fall of the khilafa - individual arabs were able to liberate lands such as afghanistan, bosnia and chechnya and to this day we Arabs are defending the islamic nations. We had done soo much in so little time.
If you have a problem with arabs then I suggest you should sort yourself out first before criticising whole nations and tribes.

Zico said...

you all are a bunch of sand niggers. you and your god stand for nothing but destructuion and hate. you kill the innocent and justify in your religon saying God told you to do it. well arabs are the scum of the earth and have never contributed anything to society but the homemade bomb strab. FUCK A-RABZ

radstar said...

First of all I'm also very happy to discover this debate and you can see by it's very nature that there is hope for a better tomorrow, when people are willing to question themselves, discuss and discover the root of their problems. This is called DIPLOMACY. Much better then firing a gun or throwing bombs. I am not an Arab or Middle Eastern and I am not religious nor do I believe in a God. I believe in the planet and I believe we are destroying it and wrecking our brief time upon it by quarreling over the most pitiful nonsense. We should all feel disgraced.

It is sad and ironic that everyone seems to spend their time arguing about the wrong thing when the answer is starring them in the face. Countless arguments about whos to blame, which religion is the righteous one to follow, should we have arab nationalism, its all another form of passing the buck. Then you get your hate breeders like Zico who need to just go and silently extricate themselves out of the gene pool and do us all a favour, or get a girlfriend one or the other.

The real problem all over the world, which no one seems to want to address is RELIGION itself. We fear questioning it and we give it undue respect. We have to start asking the question - Does it really serve us or help us? I believe anything that bases itself on pure belief (without need of proof) is DANGEROUS because it negates a believers ability to question themselves or their actions. This is why it is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to mix religion and politics. Politics being a place where people are meant to question and discuss without bigotry or closed mindedness. It is in this way religion can be used as a powerful tool for getting people to perform evil acts without feeling even a hint of remorse or responsibility. How can you feel bad if you have been convinced (from a very tender age)that what you are doing is for a grander righteous purpose and entity. Further more why care about what you do in THIS LIFE when you are promised "paradise" in the afterlife.

Look through any piece of history and you will always find vulgar attrocties purpetrated by societies against other societies and all in the "name of God" (fundamentalist) or in the name of "King and country" (fascist). Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, etc RELIGION is a DANGEROUS POISON FOR YOUR MIND because all religions state that their teachings are the only one and true teaching and all others are heathens and should be punished or convinced otherwise. Here in lies the tension. The Bible and Quran are both the most sadistic, masochistic, masoginist, nihilistic pieces of backward literature I have ever read. Who in their right mind would ever want the kind of God it preaches as a leader or creator of humankind. A deeply jealous self absorbed pervert who will punish you in everlasting fire for any wrong doings especially worshipping someone else and bid you to murder others who do so on his behalf and yet somewhere in this twisted mind he also has utmost love and caring for you. So much so that he sent his only son to be tortured and killed for our future misdemeanors and bad thoughts. I mean come on! God is an imaginary policeman in the sky who was invented by a clever person (or not so clever) from the dark ages to try to force people to start acting responsibly and PREVENT evil. BAD IDEA BUDDY! When people say we need God what I think they really mean is we need police. That is what IRAQ needs right now is SECURITY!!!! So people can exist without fear of some fucking nutcase death squad (who whole heartedly believe in their doing thanks to the Lord) coming round and butchering their entire family. This is what the USA is trying to provide and sacrificing their own people in the process of doing it. Which is in my opinion there responsibility to see through, because they were the ones who decided to remove Saddam in the first place. A noble idea but has been carried out in an extremely stupid way. If only the Iraqi people realised that this is THEIR CHANCE now to make a better place for themselves - without fundamentalist RELIGION or FASCISM where they can have a government and society based on TOLERANCE rather than hatred. They need to stand up now and take control of their country responsibly so the Americans can leave and take their GOOD ideas back home with them. Iraqi's need to formulate their own good ideas which are based in freedom of thought and equality for all their citizens and rid themselves of an archaic system of values that simply does not create harmony. God is not the answer. Going back to the ways of old is not the answer. Freedom, Love, Tolerance, respect for the planet (we only have one and are destroying it), respect for each other and a society free of religion would be a good start.

I'll finish with this. If you were given a brand new Audi convertible car for your birthday but you didn't know how to drive it, you wouldn't be satisfied being taught how by a blind man with an ox drawn cart and stone wheels would you??

Anonymous said...

Muhammad may be the Prophet,but Jesus is the Way, the Truth,and the Life. Accept him and you will see that Christ is the only way to salvation.

Bee said...

my ex was palestinian and we often used to hear from his church group about the problems with the israelis and the palestinians. the funny thing is, while they can't stand to be near each other in palestine, once they move here on refugee status to australia they live peacefully side by side, because they have no choice here. they fight for half their lives in their quest to stamp out the others, then move from their hell to a place where they have to forget what they used to do... and they do it!

also, hesham said that there are problems with australia vs new zealand. i just want to say that i've never even heard of that, i often read unusual things that people from other countries hear about australia.

Anonymous said...

I am an arab, I dont suck. Other arabs--like you--suck.
Fucking arab.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...

I am an arab, I dont suck. Other arabs--like you--suck.
Fucking arab.


Issam said...

Islam tamed the Arabs. However, current Arabs lost their good values. Someone compared the Arabs before Islam to the modern day Arabs and concluded that Arabs before Islam had higher morales. We need to return to the core of Islamic values that gave us strength and respect.

An Arab American

Yahya said...

Arabs are a great race. Frankly, I'm shocked that an Arab would write such a negative article about his own people. You deserve to be stoned.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Guess what guys? I found this blog by googling "I love Arabs."

Quite the opposite of the crazy ass person above me who wrote "arabs+suck." :P Hehe.

Anyways, Arabs rock! In every aspect I can think of. From intellect, to music, to poetry to cuisine to dance.

Not to mention how hot both Arab men and women are!

And Arabic litterature and language is very beautiful and well-constructed which goes to show what great civilization you have created and still benefit from!

So please don't let those jealous and/or ignorant and semi-frustrated people who watch FOX News all day let you down :)

And I know it won't because Arabs are too cool for that.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant article! Good timing too! Enough of these Taliban/Al-Qaeda way of thinking; trying to resist any modernity including progressive values, and back to the "cavemen civilization", besides promoting their brand of such violent primitive and homogenous Islam by the "sword"!!Do you see any protests on the street by Muslims when Sept 9/11 happens that kill barbarically innocent people! or that the monsters actually had an orgy with prostitutes for nights before they blew up those innocent human beings? And they think they're going to so-called heaven?! And now, the increase forcing of wearing the veil on women and girls to sanctify the ridiculous "honour" ideloical crap! It's actually about brainwashing the women and girls so that they're really only good as mainly sex-slaves; forever living just to please male bastardly lusts! Think about it; since the men cannot control their bastardly lust, let's cover the girls and women instead! Excuse me; er...religion is from your inner consciousness isn't it? For example; I wouldn't murder another person because from inside me, my conscience and consciousness; not because the guy told me to or not to?! Yes, it can be that simple! HENCE, TIME FOR REFORMATION IN ISLAM! ESPECIALLY WHERE WOMEN AND GIRLS ARE TRULY EQUAL AND TRULY FREE BEINGS!ONLY THEN ISLAM AND ITS FOLLOWERS (DIVERSE, MIND YOU) WILL BE RESPECTED!

Noor Aza Othman.

Anonymous said...

Egypt Suck so much , not even funny .
it by far da worst place on earth.. and its bad , by its people , Egyptian are the worst breathing living things are walking earth ,
disgusting , nasty scumbags bunch of people ,
by the way i am Egyptian and i hate my country and its people

wish some body would nuke Egypt.. with its stones = pyramid.. big deal

Arabs are fucking scumbags

Anonymous said...

every religion is open to interpretation to some extend. there are always cases that can not be solved by "looking them up in the book" but require some common sense. and this is where arabs are having problems: they simply have no common sense. or at least this how it looks to me.

frankly i can not understand most of the things happening in their world. i keep reading news about how the royal family members spend their oil money. they distriute a small percentage of that money to their people to keep them shut. there are efforts to diversify their economy by building dream cities and providing jobs to foreign companies but they miss the whole point: bringing in the know-how and having their own people producing for their own country.

so far i've met quite a few arabs in US and Germany. without a single exception, they were all rude, illiterate and lazy people. i will not even go into the way they treat their wives and daughters. i do not know what their problem is but if the rest of their people is like the ones i have seen so far, arabs are fucked big time...

Anonymous said...

i don't agree with your opinion mohamad, but to death i will defend your right to say it. in my opinion, you identified your problem as being an ARAB where rather instead its about ISLAM. don't get me wrong, i have nothing against u as a human being. and i respect you as a human being. i jus think that your religion ISLAM is what lacking your country with all the technology and advanced things u talked about. again, this is my opinion and your free to agree with it or not.


Anonymous said...

I agree actually with you, Saudi Arabians you may think they are religious but they are not, Egyptians are not religious also and they do a lot of bad things. I believe that muslims in the western world stick to their religion more than us. By the way terrorists are not muslims and even if they say they are God recognizes them as people with no religion.

DoubleDutch said...

Well,.. I got here by typing 'Egypt sucks' in google.
We went to Egypt two years ago and I really loved the country but I really dislike the men in Egypt.
I can't understand how a country can collaps from builders of the most incredible buildings and art I've ever seen to such discusting and lame ass people. I really don't think it has anything to do with being Arab or Muslim as I've lived in Libia for 5 years as a kid and have Never seen people there behave as they did in Egypt.
We went to Tunesia too and again did not encounter this sort of behavour. Most arabs I know are gentle and kind beings and being poor, not well educated or being a muslim had nothing to do with it. I've been to many countries and in my opinion Egyptian men are the worst I've ever seen. They have no respect for others or them selves.
Sorry to hurt you're feelings if you're the exception who does make an effort but you have the fast majority of you're countrymen to blame, not me for saying this out loud.

Adi said...

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Paul said...

My heart goes out to you for your soul searching comment that transcends nationality and religion. In my Roman Catholic tradition we have the Ignation spirituality that asks us to do a rigorously honest self appraisal. As long as there are Arabs like you, we can bridge the gaps between our cultures and beliefs. ONe of the great tragedies of human history is that the Arabs did not embrace the Jews and make a little room for them in their historic home. Israel would have been an enormous engine for technology and humanitarian endeavors that would have empowered the Arab/Israeli alliance to dominance in the world. Imagine if the ARabs and Israelis were allies facing the rest of the world (China, Europe, etc)
That was the original hope and vision of the early leaders of Israel like Ben Gurion and Abba Eban.
Hmm! maybe thats why it was not allowed ot occur. To threatening to the big powers. But it is not too late.

Anonymous said...

I'm a turist in Cairo and having arrived here after spending a year in south america I'm a little suprised. I was expecting a very advanced civilization with great pride. The america's have only a few 100 years of history where it's in the 10000s here. In the 3 countries so far it's like nobody obey's any kind of social or legal rules and has no pride. It's like peru and i'm now expecting people to just stop and take a shit on the sidewalk like the animals in the americas. Since I can not really talk to people not sure what's going on with the culture. Good luck!

Amelia Wilson said...
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Nemesis said...

Well... I hate nasty un educated religionists shits. Desert dwellers, oil suckers and meat (secretly imported pork eaters)... u are crap... Learn.... Learn.. at least learn practical shit. This will help u to feed ue shitting 10- 12- 30 or what ever kids to survive and be human... N for all Egyptians... I love the JEWS......

Nemesis said...

Well... I hate nasty un educated religionists shits. Desert dwellers, oil suckers and meat (secretly imported pork eaters)... u are crap... Learn.... Learn.. at least learn practical shit. This will help u to feed ue shitting 10- 12- 30 or what ever kids to survive and be human... N for all Egyptians... I love the JEWS......

Anonymous said...

I think all of you Egyptians would progress further if you dropped the Islam faith that you adopted years ago. No one needs religion anyhow unless you're too weak and feeble minded to think for yourselves. Seriously its common sense to know right from wrong. If you need some sort of closure so you're not afraid to die go ahead and believe in a god but why hurt others because of your insecurities. I also feel bad for all the idiots flocking to Egypt to see the pyramids and such. You guys have to be raking in the cash. Nothing better than free money huh. Must be nice. And By the way putting a mosque at ground zero of the World Trade Center is fucked up beyond belief. If im correct in assuming that Muslims put up mosques in conquered territories to claim it as there own. I predict a Racial Holy War in the near future. Just think with all the religions in the world how sure of yourselves that you are practicing the right one. Lets say Islam is the one true faith that means everyone else in the world is wrong. Doubt it. But with the way muslims think you probably do think that you're right and everyone else is wrong. All religion is wrong. Religion has done more harm than good once the world stops fearing the unknown only then shall we cast off this horrible affliction that is religion.
-Breathes- started ranting there.
Just after awhile i get so sick of Muslims. They're everywhere and its always something negative.
I find it weird you're stuck between 2 worlds. Egypt and Arab.
Do Egyptians still pray to the old gods or is it strictly Allah now. You're ancestors must be ashamed of you abandoning the old ways :(
Just snorted a bunch of coke and thought id get some pent up feelings out sorry if this makes no sense what so ever.
hhhhhhhhhhh kosmk.

Turks suck as much as Muslims but that a story for another day.

arie said...

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Anonymous said...

Salaamu 3alaykom,

RasulAllaah SAWS said, "When Allah created me He made me from the best choice of His creation, and when He created tribes He made me come from the best of tribes, and when He created souls He made me come from the best of souls, and when He created clans He made me come from the best of them." (Recorded by al-Tirmidhi and al-Bayhaqi)

From this many notable Ulumah have ruled that in fact the Pre-Islamic Arabs were the best nation that was on the Earth at that time. This is why it is dangerous to speak without knowledge, as you may fall into error and others will follow you in that error without realising it.

Also while largely I can agree that a lot of Arabs of this day and age tend to be people of poor character (myself being a Palestinian), I can't say that all of the stuff you said in this peice is light on the tongue. For instance:

"God decided to take on the challenge, and send his message (Islam) to that lousy group of people."

As an introductory point, the word "God" is simply a word conjured by Jews who considered the name "Yehweh" to be too sacred for use in casual speech. God is synonymous with "Ilaah" which means any idol or thing that is worshipped as a god. The proper name for our Lord is "Allaah" which is the Name that He as affirmed for Himself since the beginning of time ("Ellohim" is just Allaah, the "im" at the end is a plurality of respect).

Secondly it is not proper to ever say that Allah 3az wa Jal is challenged by any matter. When He decrees a thing, He merely says Kun fa yakun (Be, and it is). To speak about Allaah with such a disrespect is worthy of extreme repentence.

"And sure it was a challenge, a new religion to a group of intolerant, stubborn, and violent bunch of desert dwellers."

To make matters worse you have not only implied that something was a challenge for Allaah, but in this quote you have actually affirmed it, authoo bIllaah. Nothing is difficult for Allaah, and certainly not turning people to the straight path. He is the One Who guides and misguides, al Muqallibul Quloob.

Furthermore, you are badmouthing the pre-Islamic Arabs with such venomous animosity. Have you considered that the vast majority of them became Muslim before the end of Muhammad's SAWS life? You are potentially bad mouthing every member of the Sahaba, some of whom in their jahileeya (Pre-Islamic period of ignorance) used to do these same practices that you have brought into question, and some of them even fought against the Muslims in battle before turning to Islam themselves and becoming allies of the Prophet. Is it fair for you to disrespect the Sahaba, the group whom Allaah Himself has Stated that He is Pleased with in His Book?

"Allah Well-Pleased with them, and they with Him" (Surah 98, Ayah 8)

Are you and I so much better than them? Many of them were even promised Paradise after being, as you claim, an "intolerant, stubborn, and violent bunch of desert dwellers".

yurake said...

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Mister said...

This comment is a reply to "yourenviousenemy", which was posted on the 19th of September 2010.

1. Just to correct your information, God is a term that Europeans conjured, not the Jews. The Jews are Semitic, therefore their language (Hebrew) is a Semitic language, hence it is related to Arabic. This is why Jews and Arabs are considered 'distant cousins'. Both Arabic and Hebrew are Semitic languages, therefore both ethnic Jews and ethnic Arabs are Semitic peoples. So Arabs say 'Allah', Jews say 'Elohim'. They are identical to each other because both languages are related to each other.

However, Europeans do not speak Semitic languages. Europeans speak 'Indo-European' languages, such as English, German, French, Russian, etc. These are all classified as 'Indo-European' and are related to each other. They are not, however, related to Arabic or Hebrew. Therefore, the Indo-European peoples have their own way of saying 'Allah' or 'Elohim'. In Indo-European languages, it's God.

God in English, Gott in German, Gud in Scandinavian, etc.

Kapish? I hope that made sense to you. So don't spread lies about Jews making up the word 'God' in order to avoid saying 'Elohim'. Clearly your understanding of global linguistics is close to zero.

2. Don't misinterpret Prophet Mohammad's narrations. Nowhere did God or the Messenger state that pre-Islamic Arabs were the best nation on Earth. If that's the case, Islam wouldn't have arrived there in order to correct them, their jahaliya and filth. Prophet Mohammad's narration has a lot of deep wisdom into it. What he meant was that God is perfect, therefore he does not create things with unintentional mistakes. That's the wisdom behind the narration you referred to. So please don't call pre-Islamic Arabia the best nation of Earth, how foolish and ignorant, considering there were far more successful nations around the world at that time.

3. What is an Arab anyway? 98% of so-called Arabs today aren't even real Arabs. Most Arabs used to be called something else, until the time Muslims conquered their lands and Arabized their ancestors. For example, are North Africans real Arabs? Hell no, most of them are Arabized people of non-Arabic origin, such as the Egpytians, Berbers, etc. Egyptians are Egyptians, they're not ethnic Arabs. Their ancestry goes back to the days of the Pharaohs and these individuals were never considered Arabic. Egpytians should be proud of that. Lebanese are Phoenicians, not Arabs. Unfortunately, however, the backward intolerance of desert nomads dictated their Arabic culture on all lands that they conquered, which is why they Arabized all nations that consider themselves Arab today. Hence, real Arabs are the minority, Arabized people make up the majority of the so-called Arabic World.

Stephina Suzzane said...

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Abduljaleel al-Rehmani said...

Abduljaleel said...

Hi. I am a Syrian Arab. I am from the city of Daraa. I live in The US. so first off, I hate being Arab. I know I am blessed being a Muslim, but I wish I was Pakistani. at least they don't go around boasting that they are who they are. they have respect for everyone, unlike us Arabs who have nothing else to do besides boast that we are superior than everyone because we're Arab. I bet if you go on Instagram or Facebook or something the only thing in the would say "Arab and proud" or something stupid like that. I mean, I have like, a few other aArabs in my class. I want to be away from them! all they do is curse at other people in Arabic and boast that they're Arabs! I hate it! And, 99.9% of Arabs treat other people , especially non-Arab Muslims like dogs! We treat Pakistanis, Africans, Asian-Muslims, and Bengali people like they are our pet dogs! I feel so bad for other Muslims. I don't even know why ARAVS were the ones who first recieved the teachings of the Quran, because WE SUCK. I wish I was a non-Arab Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Let us get history straight. 100 million killed in two world wars, 30 million killed in China, 20 million killed in Soviet Union, Cambodia massacred a third of their population. None Arab, non Muslim!!!! What we do now is horrible and insane but we are no where near as barbaric as the Europeans were to each other or to their colonies. Look at Belgium - they killed over 10 million in the Congo. Hilter, Musollini were not Muslim or Arab? Right wing death squads in Latin America - :::::????

As for the term we use for the Almighty. Allah, Ellah,Elohim are probably the closest to what Jesus called him. Does anyone know what the French, Spanish and Italians call "GOD"? Zeus!!!!!!!!! Just look at the translations.

Wispy Wisps said...

all egyptians are liars and they do not tell you one good info ive been living 12 years no girl talked to me when im so handsome and perfect when i went to us i fucked at leat 5 a day if you wanna go to egypt then u will masturbate everyday in ur sick bed in ur sick room fuck egyptians!!!