Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Egyptian revolution

My wife is asking me what's my analysis of the demonstrations happening in Egypt these days. I have none. This is not the time for analysis, we'll have plenty of time for that later. This is the time for action, for energy, for capturing the opportunity of changing this country. The revolution has already happened, by the mere fact that thousands of Egyptians went out to the streets. Egypt is being brought back from the dead, and Egyptians are waking up from their chronic choma. Having it started makes a success already, regardless of how it ends.

I joined Tuesday's demonstrations starting in the Mohandeseen area reaching Tahrir square. It was a beautiful picture of an Egypt many of us didn't think was possible. But Egypt has already proven it can change, and Egyptians have proved they deserve it. The demonstration was well organized and the number of people who joined was a pleasant surprise. Yesterday was a challenge and the riot police and state security had orders to quell the demonstrations before they get bigger with all the means they have.

Friday afternoon is the next big one after the noon prayers. The state security is on their highest alert, and the people will go pray and come out from every mosque to all the major streets. I will be here tomorrow at noon.

I am joining the 60,000 Egyptians planning to be there so far.