Sunday, May 20, 2007


My good buddy at work has decided to leave. Didn't think I would be that much affected by having someone quit his job like I am now. I feel insecure with him leaving, and I feel so selfish by wanting him to stay. I feel he's leaving me behind, or rather I'm leaving myself behind.

I spent 3 hours talking to him today, trying to understand, just trying to figure out why he doesn't see the potential I see, and what he's looking for. He sees his own potential, but doesn't see ours. I kept trying to understand, and then I gave up. Don't try to frame him in my world-view, I said to myself, which is limited by my own capabilities. Imagine having his capabilities, and fly with the possibilities.

I guess I have an infatuation with people who can work with their hands, hardware people. That's partly why we became buddies; after I realized his capabilities and self-motivation. Admired him since, and am admiring him more with his decision to leave. Wouldn't let himself sink, on unplanned dreams or unorganized potentials. Wouldn't float with the unkown, letting himself sink, but direct his destiny.

I feel part of the growth potential of our team has now died. I told him honestly my motivation. I want him to stay, I want him to find himself here, I don't want the team to lose him and lose a big factor of its potential success --which will affect me personally! But I also want him to capitalize on his potential to the max. I just wished it was with this team. I had big hopes for him. I still do, but now in a different place.

I just can't argue with someone who's so driven and motivated, and who wants to save himself from falling, by starting his own business. As hard as it is to me, I tried to be encouraging, because I know this is the right thing to do --if done right. Cautioned him not to put his potential in something with no potential, and to weigh it right, to set the right vision, and to dream on.

Good luck man. Will truly miss you!