Friday, April 22, 2005

Squash Champs

Yesterday's post about Abu Heif encouraged me to write more about sports, and in particular about a sport that is very dear to me, Squash. This is one rare sport that Egyptians have been over achieving in for a very long time, especially recently.

Writing Egyptian Sports history started with Abd ElFattah Amr Bey in the 1930s whom I don't know much about except that he started the Egyptian Squash legend by winning the British Open 6 times (that's alot), and that he is a Bey.

Mahmoud Abdel Kerim, whom I was saddened by his death a few years ago. He won the British Open four times, and led a coaching career in Canada. A pleasant person, classical and elegant Squash style. Only met him after he reached 70 years of age, but had the pleasure of being with him in court twice to teach me that its all in the wrist.

I have no clue how those guys were able to play with long pants and long-sleeve shirts in those old days. Weired generation!

Gamal Awad, love to watch him play. Real fighter, for'o3 loz. Longest match ever recorded in Squash history. Almost 3 hours in court with one of the Squash legends, Jahanger Khan. That's a long time to spend in such a small room with one guy!

Ahmed Barada, by all means the most achieved Egyptian athelete in current times in my view (hmm, who's Karam Gaber?!). He reached world ranking #3, and he won too many championships to count. He did that with a strong body which was not made for the game. However, he was ruined by fame and is now an idiot hip hop singer and actor.

Omar ElBorlosy, one of the most decent players I've seen, getting old but still keeping it going. Won many tournaments, and was world ranked #14 in 2002.

Amr Shabana and Karim Darwish, these guys are the top Egyptian players right now. Doing awesomely well, fighting hard, and keeping our heads high. Amr is currenly #5 in the world ranking, and he sure seems to be getting there. Karim is #12.

Shahier Abdel Razik, a good friend from the good old days at the club whom I've lost contact with now though. One hell of a smooth player whose slow style kills the game, and typically kicks my ass in the court because I keep running like the court has no walls. Shahier is ranked number 2 in Canada after Jonathan Power (who was #1 in the world ranking, now #6).

Omneyya Abdel Awy, world junior champion. Looks like she has great potential. And it sure is something to have such a great Egyptian female sportswoman. Really proud of her. Wish that would encourage more Egyptian girls to take up some serious sports.

Omar ElBorlosy's wife. Sorry I don't remember her name, not being sexist or anything, but her picture is on the top left here. She was a better player before she met Omar however!

And there really are many many more, especially junior players coming out since a few years back. I'm not sure what happened, but Egypt has been breeding some amazing Squash players lately, and in bulk quantities. Both females and males. Just awesome. Here's the world ranking. Keep checking it and notice the Egyptian flags creeping up top.

I truly wish they could abolish that sport called Football in Egypt all together, and let go of all the players and admins. Football is definetely a great game, but its just not for us. Once they abolish it, I'll know that there might be hope for this country. And by the way, I quit following football (except for this once) for the same reasons that I quit politics.They're both disgusting here.

On second thoughts, they should abolish all team games (yes, including handball). We ain't team players nor team makers.


haal said...

I used to play squash since I was 10 or so until I was 23. Very regularly. I was never in the team though, just enjoyed playing with a coach. Now, it has been 3 years since I last visited the squash courts at the club. Partly because all my friends stopped playing, and partly because I had some problems with my wrest (sp).

Well about running... yeah, you tell me about it. It all depends on the person infront of you though. Sometimes, all you want is to hit the ball.

Mohamed said...

Meet me in court baby.

Too many commonalities between us, you know Haal!!

haal said...

Who was your coach? Captain Medhat? Oh, I assume you go to the same club!

But what else do we have in common. Only squash so far.

Mohamed said...

Meen Medhat dah?! Akeed beta3 elbara3em.. :)

Oh, we have more in common than you know.

Haal said...

You refuse to elaborate on anything you say. You will keep building up my curiosity too much until I just forget about it! So better answer my questions asap.

You have a number of questions to answer.

TIC said...

Look who changed templates and went for cool black ;)

Mohamed said...

Yes, TIC, someone is playing with my brains. It was by accidcent actually. But I'm thinking of making some minor changes bardu.

KareemFromEgypt said...

omar el borolossy's wife is salma shabana, amr shabana's sister.
by the way amr is not only number #5 in the world ranking but the world champion of 2003 and 2005

keep up the good work

p.s nice layout for the blog

KareemFromEgypt said...

and it's true she used to be a better player before she met him


Eslam said...

hey guys i always loved squash and it was soon i decided to play that game i think im advancing and a ball fighter i beated a good player though im still new on the game,,im now 21 with this age cold i play tournaments and so! !

Bob-i-Licious said...

Would you have a few addresses to play squash in Cairo apart from Heliopolis and Gizeh? Let me know. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys..anyone interested in some squash...i am a good player..though my fitness sucks...but about style and stuff..everyone keeps telling me it rocks..if any of you interested in having couple of games...jus let me know...My name is: ((Tamer))...and my email is: yes..unfortunately: i am an obstetrician ...watever..Feel free to contact me if you are a ((( Good ))) squash player...( no offense watsoever for anyone..i mean ..i have been injuried like hundred times while teaching some of my fellow, i decided enough for beginners when i had the last injury in my head ..)

Regards..for all of u.


Anonymous said...

Our son is attending AUC and is desperately looking for a squash court in Cairo. He lives in the Dokki area. So far the only court access he's found is in the Hilton. Are there any (not exclusive)clubs/courts for a good young (24) player?
mossy mama

Distributive Justice said...

Traveling to Cairo for a about a month this September and would like to join a squash club and get training during this time. Any suggestions?

Adi said...

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Anonymous said...

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