Saturday, February 05, 2005

About this blog

Why this blog? Though I don't have to answer that traditional question, but I like to feed the curious mind.

Admitting that this is a self-centered answer, this blog is about me. Its a mean to express my thoughts and reflections, without caring how I'm being judged or perceived --because I don't really know who the hell is judging me, or who is reading this thing in the first place. And because what I write here doesn't really matter.

Have you ever had the experience of talking to people who are not interested in what you're saying. I don't like talking to someone who's not interested, neither do I like listening to someone who's not interesting. So if you're reading this blog, you must be interested. Otherwise, don't blame me.

Another reason, is that during the last two years, I have almost totally lost interest in public activities related to politics or the Egyptian society at-large. This is causing me to be de-motivated in alot more issues, which is a turn that I do not like to happen to me. This blog however allows me to talk, even when nobody's listening, and if I'm motivated to talk, act could follow.

Since this is about me, and myself, and you haven't paid or been forced to read it, I am tempted to disallow any comments about any of my blog posts. However, because I like to think of myself as an open-minded person, who embraces other opinions, I will try to display my belief in freedom and free expression. So, the harsher, yet objective the comment, the better.

I expect this blog to contain material that is not newspaper/magazines publishable, and is not personal diaries material. As simple as, my personal views on different aspects of life. I expect the frequency of my postings to be very low, and I hope I keep on posting for a while (although this is partly an experiment to experience blogging).

Why am I anonymous? I'm not, but only revealing what might be necessary to communicate clearly. Like my first name.

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Eman M said...

Your words resemble mine on my first blog: