Sunday, February 20, 2005

Happy birthday Sakia

Today marks the second anniversary for Sakiet ElSawy. Here's a guy that made a difference with a place that stands out in the middle of Cairo's insanity and deteriorating culture.

This place, beneath the Zamalek bridge overpass, was literally a trash dump and a spot for junkies to hang out. Mohamed AbdelMoneim ElSawy convinvced the Cairo Governor to make use of this spot for cultural activities, and successfully so, he managed to transform it into what it is today.

In less than a year, this place has become rich with activities and diverse events. Lectures (from religious to literary to tech-related), modern and classical bands, western style and arabic style (and more), poetry and art work, workshops and reading rooms. A place that nurtures new talent and avails great ones. It even facilitated for someone like me to start taking Oud lessons. All for a negligible price.

Four halls, two indoor and two outdoor, one of them by the Nile (all non-smoking). I never imagined that there was so much room under that bridge, and so much culture to breed there.

This is surely a place that is making a difference. Thanks ElSawy, and happy birthday Sakia.


praktike said...

Aha. I was wondering what that place was. I'll have to check it out!

عمرو غربية said...

What do you think will make a better Culture Wheel?