Saturday, February 12, 2005

Human beings

We are so different, yet we are so much alike!

Isn't this typical of a great creator.


Anonymous said...

I found it hard to grasp this quote or saying, especially the 'typical great creator' thing. Are you saying we are different in the same wayor alike in a different way? And why is that a typical of a great creator.

Mohamed said...

I guess what I meant is this. People, from different cultures, different geographies all across the globe have many similarities, similar needs, desires, similar human characteristics that are just balanced very differently. Get to know a person from the other extreme of your culture, become really close, and you'll find that they have similar feelings as you (just with different levels and thresholds). Yet, we are so different (get two brothers or sisters and you can easily point out many differences), and that one is obvious I suppose.

Where is the greatness of creation here? If we were all just a replica, that would be more like a production line/machine creation. A great creator (be that anyone) will always have commonalities among his creations, and will never have them exactly the same, even with 5 billion human beings created.

There's no reference to this quote by the way, it was just something I was thinking of and said that way.

Reese The Law Girl said...


That's very cool insight! That's all I had to say. Very cool.

Adi said...

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