Monday, March 28, 2005

Dead man lying

Today I saw a dead man lying in the street. Surrounded by people, covered with newspapers, the guy was lying there dead, and I passed by with my car, I could reach out and touch him. I kept crying all the way to work.

Damn it. Fuck it. Fuck Egyptians for their recklesness.

A few days ago there was also another accident, with wounded people lying. This is not even supposed to be a "hazardous" road (not that any road in Cairo isn't). But its not like the Me7war for example (and no need to mention the Upper Egypt roads). I used to take the Me7war everyday, and every few days there was a terrible accident, and they pull the damaged cars in that middle island to serve as an example. And those cars aren't just damaged, they're like wrinkled napkin paper! And does anyone learn, never. Those fucked up microbus drivers, this fucked up city, and fucked up traffic officials.


Anonymous said...

I saw the exact same scene on the mehwar in front of the new Yhper One supermarket. A dead man in the middle of the road and cars avoiding him. What's crazy is that they built his huge supermarket where hundreds of emplyees will take microbuses to go to, and they have to cross the mehwar to go home. But nobody thought of building a pedestrian bridge! I expect more and more of the same to happen.

Brenda said...