Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Allah made them funny

Seems that this will be a regular topic on my blog. How the North American Muslims are doing better by the day. I've made this argument a few days before in a comment and in a post.

I think North American Muslims should hold on to their religion without compromise (unlike how some progressives do), yet integrate, participate and be active in their host communities. For the second generation Muslims there, the integration and participation is natural, because its not their "host" communities anymore. I said in my comment earlier, that as an example, I think American Jews are so good at lobbying (aside from all the other obvious reasons to everyone), because they're integrated so well in the American culture --while still preserving their religion (Joe Liberman was running for vice president and would still take Saturdays off).

Here's a group of American Muslims showing Americans that they're just like the rest of them. What better means to do that, other than laughter and comedy? "Allah made us funny" stand-up comedians are certainly doing something new for the Muslims in America, and showing the rest of the Americans a different face for Muslims. Here's a video clip and an article about them.

Shazia Mirza is also a Muslim Brit comedian doing the same thing.

While I don't know how much these guys understand Islam, I don't really want to know (it doesn't matter). They are serving the purpose of making Muslims be viewed just like the rest of Americans. Something like a Muslim version of Jerry Seinfeld I guess (although I'm not sure if they're as funny)! They're more like Black comedians actually, laughing at themselves. The relation to Seinfeld I would say, is that they're making Muslims be viewed as just another American (or Brit, in the case of Shazia).

UPDATE: Here's Shazia Mirza's website. Via Chanad's comment below.


Chanad said...

Hey, you might be interested in this post I wrote a while back on the same topic of Muslim humour: click here to read it.

praktike said...

shoot, I was just gonna link to that post, but Chan'ad beat me to it.