Monday, April 25, 2005

Iqra'a TV

I know many people have different opinions about Iqra'a TV. Some think of it as fitting the general trend in our society of herds' brain washing, and attempting too hard at making Islam hip in most of those stupid kids programs. I think overall its a good channel however. Quite diverse in its presentation of Islam. The reason I'm writing this post is I'm watching Moez Masoud's program now, and I just love this kid.

He's well informed, perfect English (with no accent), excellent Arabic, recites Quran properly. Has an interesting perspective, and really connects. Pretty modern guy talking about traditional stuff. Right now talking about Imam Ghazali's book, alarba3een fee usul aldeen, and fiqh albaten, and quoting Pearl Jam for God's sake. I love this guy.

Here's some random realtime captioning of what he's saying right now:

"You love to the point that you become enslaved to the one you love. yashtagheloon belta3a. The output manifestation of this is obediance. Worship is based on love. When you read suret Taha, wa ma a3jalaka 3an kawmeka ya mousa, ha'aola'a 3ala athary, they're right there, wa 3ajelta elayka rabby letarda

The translation is a big burden. I can't translate to you what Allah is saying

Anyways, wa 3ajelta elayka rabby letarda.. I've rushed to you my lord letarda. how do we see ppl going early to prayer? .. the point is, how do ppl go to prayer on time. Obviously all this worship is based on the heart.. loving God

Ghazali brings out that verse. yo7ebohom wa ye7oboohom. All you who believe, if u turn away from ur religion

I don't believe the people who are non-muslims should be called non-muslims. I don't think they got the Islam message properly. I don't like to call them non-muslims.

Kafar in arabic is cover. Prayer in language is communication. Kafar is covering up something. Covering up truth. To be a Kafer you need to know that Muhammad is Allah's messenger, and then cover that up.

You guys should put the 'fun' back in 'fundamental'"

Great kid.


mostafa said...

Kafar in arabic is cover. Prayer in language is communication. Kafar is covering up something. Covering up truth. To be a Kafer you need to know that Muhammad is Allah's messenger, and then cover that up.

This reminds me of Qadhafi's Demo-karasy.

Al Sharief said...

You Right on the money, Ya Mohamed, This young gentelman is great and it is a great show, though I've seen him only a couple of times long time ago for only part of the show yet I was SO impressed by his presentation and his fluency. I think he would make a great programm for almost any english speaking community anywhwre and specially double good for young and new moslem folks in North America.
I think you would be great if you would ever partcipate in his show!! Why Not... It would be even more joyous to watch...
For some reasons. mainly your style of writing and thinking, I would associate you with his type of crowd if you commit a little deeper, religously I meant..
But you've surprised me a bit when you kept refering to MoeZ as a " great Kid " as if you are much older than he? In my mind you are about the same age group
He is, and you are , indeed FRESH...
BTW check out Harun Yahya as he presents intresting prespectives and interpertation of Islamic thoughts that apeals to young moslems Harun Yahya

Mohamed said...

I'm not sure why you think so highly of me, but thanks anyway.

Why do you think I'm his age! I'm an old man. But he is a very youthful guy, a kid!

Al Sharief said...

Young or Old, It's all "virtual" to me Mohamed at the end of the day...
It is through following your posts that I could think that you write like an AUC grad (for no more than 5 years), libral, openminded, and standup guy for most of the times.
The fact that you 've interacted with Moez presentation as such dose not put you alot of years ahead of him...
No "OLD" man handles his carear the way you do ( from very little info you posted on this topic )especially if you want to call your self "ordinary Egyptian" that writes that well. Believe me I've been avoiding raising this "ordinary" business here any longer!
& Yes, if you want, I'm guilty of giving alot of "prais" when I spot an OK thingie! May be you / (we)are not used to this ?
You are just OK! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a bunsh of spoiled Egyptian wimps and brats!

Why is it so important or praise worhly to speak English without an accent? As a true fucking Egyptian, you should enherently have an Egyptian accent.

You all without exception sound like AUC graduate wipms. What a waste of time being a gradute at that instititute. Very few of you ever have any significance in Edyptian life or politics. You are all a product of Egyptian thieves that managed to steal and educate their kids.

I did not bother running a spell or grammer check on my piece because it does not matter. I am certain all of you will know what I mean.

Twosret said...
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TIC said...

What makes you think you sound less AUCian yourself? I hate to disappoint you, but I know for a fact that some of the people who blog here HAVE significance on Egyptian life AND politics. As Twosret rightfuly said, you don't know anything about us. But your post says a lot about you..

Anonymous said...

7eqd tabaqi
yea baby yea :)

Mohamed said...

Hey Anonymous, love your comment. Please come in here more often.

What have you done to Egypt lately?

Twosret said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
luckyfatima said...

iqra'a is just a step away from Saudi Channel 2. even Omar Khaled with his little pencil moustache is spewin' the same ole same ole women get barefoot and pregnant and in da kitchen crud. i can't take it any more1 aaaaaaah!!!!!

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