Monday, May 16, 2005

How do they find this blog?

Most people who bump into this blog through search engines find it by searching for the following terms:

1) sex on/at beach + cairo hookers + food
2) Fishawy
3) Cidade de Deus
4) Kefaya
5) sabakeen OR kataket

Its been fun having those people around, but who are these people? and did they really find what they were looking for? I doubt it. What a waste.

This thing is getting really boring.


praktike said...

you know you're the #4 Google search for kefaya, right?

Me, Myself and I said...

someone told me today about a great post u had re sex on the bus (?) searched for it but could not find a bit tech challenged actually not interested in sex on the beach...wanna know about the other

Mohamed said...

Apparently so Praktike, weird, eh. But seems that I spell it differently, that's why.

MMI, all rumors, never said such a thing! Plus, I stopped writing about sex long ago :)

Brenda said...

The ways that people come across our blogs is sometimes astonishing! lol

Ayman Alzawahery said...

Irrelavent, useless, aimless and whinny, that's what all of you are.

Brenda is the only person that makes sense.

Sayed Koutob said...

You should all be flogged!

Mohamed said...

Ayman and Sayed: you're actually right. I'm amazed that you're spending time to read this thing!

Anonymous said...

Qutb, I like your milestones book a lot. Keep it going, and keep an eye on Nasser.

Chanad said...

mohamed, if you want to jack up the number of hits your site receives by tenfold, then write a post that has the following magical phrase in it: "nancy ajram sex".

it's guaranteed to work.

Craig said...

Cairo hookers? Where's that thread buried at?

Sex on the beach, btw, is an American drink circa 1985 or so... I saw in the thread that you thought it was Brazilian.

And no, I didn't get here looking for any of those things, I hit a link from another Blog :)

I suggest you DON'T attemp to jack your hits up though, this is one of the few blogs I've seen that isn't flooded with idiotic and abusive replies. What is it about the internet that makes so many people act like jerks?