Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Women are crazy

I've admitted before that men are idiots. But now its time to confront the truth. Women are crazy (yes even crazier than someone like me!). I know atleast 7 crazy women so far. I'm sure all the rest of the women I know are crazy too, they just didn't have the chance to demonstrate it yet.


Shamoussa said...

"Men are IDIOTS and Women are CRAZY" it could be the title of a new book.. you'll sell more than John Gray ;)
I was gonna tell you at first "Leih ya Mohamed leih? t2oul 3aleina keda leih?" Then I realized it's true.. I'm one of these women who do not always follow a rational sense.. so I guess crazy would do for a description.. I usually even take it for a compliment :)

Me, Myself and I said...

How do u define crazy aslan.

Mohamed said...

Shamoussa, I like women who admit it.
MMI, don't deny it (it can have many definitions if you want, you can pick the nice crazy) :)

Me, Myself and I said...

u know what, i think people tend to describe whoever is different from them as a bit of crazy-not saying you are....it just gets me when people sometimes describe me as such, while i feel i have a lot of wisdom, inner poise, and am really able to sorta cruise through life in an alive and aware manner.. do i sound paranoid or do i sound paranoid (is this a kind of crazy)..Yaaaaay For Me

Mohamed said...

MMI, well ofcourse you are all of that, and ofcourse hoooray for you. But in general, part of this craziness is what makes life fun I guess!

ألِف said...

Men and women do really, physically think in different ways, because their brains work differently.
It's like having two machines that do the exact function but with essentially different clockwork.

Alina said...

Well, I admit it, I am crazy, sometimes completely crazy. And, yeah, most of the women I know are crazy too! And I also agree men are idiots (when I say this I think of one in particular, of course :))! If you weigh it a little, you have to agree, you're better off crazy than idiot! :)

haal said...

Kayla, you are so funny! heheheh

Mohamed said...

I don't think she's funny. I think she's right.

Alina said...

There’s this Romanian (adopted by the French cause he’s was so good) philosopher, Emil Cioran, who said women are just lovable nullities. He was dead wrong, just as I was when calling men idiots (although at times they really are). To sort this man-woman thing that bugs me as much as it bugs the rest of the world, I remind my self a Romanian writer’s (Mircea Cartarescu) great thought on the issue – superior men and superior women have always thought of each other as equals.
Ok, that does it for the serious part of my ideas on this subject!:)

Mohamed said...

I agree that he was dead wrong. I don't think you were wrong calling men idiots however, nor was I calling women crazy. Actually, we're all crazy idiots. Its just that men are --at times-- idiots when it comes to treating women, and women have those bursts of craziness (which we all have), that most men just have no clue how to handle nor can understand their reason.

Alina said...

I actually wrote a post on that! My conclustion was that we are all crazy..But I'm not that sure about the crazy idiots part. Then again, if I think of my choice in men, oh, yeah, I am definitely a crazy idiot! :))

Mohamed said...

Heheh.. ok now you're funny :)

Alina said...

Thanks, I try really hard to be funny and happy...I would always be dancing like a crazy dervish if it weren't for those idiotic men out there...:))

oldchild said...

hoopallesgoedI say, men and women are idiots and crazy, all of us are, but only thoes who could keep their (child) alive as the (pure heart) companion while experiencing life, are the only wise humans on earth, i will tell you why only if you asked me !!


miguel said...

First of all, let me be honest, this paper is meant to honor you, encourage you, and ultimately to seek favor from you (brown-nosing comes to mind).
As a man, I know men and women are different, we definitely are, we (men) like to make sense, in my opinion that is. We call you crazy when we disagree because we do not understand you. Trust me; I still don’t know where some of your decisions come from. But I have been influenced by great women in my life, I can never deny it. As much as we can disagree, I owe you a lot more than just a “you crazy” dismissal. I was raised mostly by women, so I’ve witnessed decision making which may have not made sense at the time, but at the end it did. In that note, I was raised by my mother, my grand mother, and my two aunts; both my aunties are nurses, whom supported us in our worse times.

To Alonzo’s mom,

A mother is fearless
Finding no challenge when facing decisions
A mother controls the outcome of life
When her instincts rule her into submission
That will ultimately lead her pack into transitions
Of prosperity and survival
Then she rises and conquers
To protect her child from any obstacle
Her Self discipline is irrefutable
There is no stopping allowed in her way
She will face and overcome the enemy
In some cases being herself the enemy
Indulging in life can be tempting
To the point of becoming an out of body ordeal
Falling is human, to mom is unreal
Rising from all challenges she will clear
She was built for this, or so she was told
Nobody can fill her place in my life
As once ago she was my wife

anissa said...

Here's all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.
- George Carlin

George knows what he is talking about.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I'm a woman, and I agree. SHE is crazy.

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