Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Puff puff

The Judges yesterday upped the pressure on the regime by declaring that the Referendum was a sham. I am yet to find an official statement, but I got this piece of news through the word of mouth.

Fahmy Howeidy in yesterday's Ahram writes about the Change movements, counting 14 movements so far, and writing about a new movement led by intellectuals, where he was invited.

Tarek AlBishry attended the first meeting of the National Coalition for Democracy led by Aziz Sedky, yet he is not a member of that coalition as he is not up to such action at his age.

Kefaya has its general conference on the 23rd of this month, where they will discuss their strategy in the upcoming elections, and whether they will back one candidate, and who that candidate may be.

Was I so numb when I didn't feel any change before? Well, someone is certainly puffing, slow but sure.

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