Friday, July 29, 2005


Me: fuckin lonely bitch.

DNA: passionate extra-pragmatist. How does that work?!

Haal: torn between searching for her divine Godly love and her pure humanly love. Its right there!

Baheyya: best political writer out there, but needs to come down to Earth.

Mohammed: passionate physician, who's still searching for the cure.

Alaa: a real revolutionary activist that I'd love to wash his tongue. Admire his energy, I think it might be because of the long hair.

Praktike: was a blogging guru, lost it after coming to Cairo. Egypt will do that to you.

Kayla: would you go out with me?

Alif: his knowledge tickles my brains.

Loulou: extra emotional idealist, at times naive, and she knows it and so worries about it.

Sallinette: a poet who will shine on her breaks away from Egypt. But Egypt is her real home.

Zoss: a multi-dimensional academic researcher. A female scientist, cryptography?

Tarfa: always worried about exposing herself. A good friend.

TIC: we miss you baby, but its much better for you this way.

Orientalism: didn't even give Egypt a fair shot. Ran away too quickly. We all envy him.

Al Sharief: deep spirituality. Hard to understand.

Moon: very sweet, great DJ.

Meshref: good luck working at MSFT. You'll love it. Just don't forget about us.

Abu Aardvark: knows his stuff, the Arab media, that's not who we are though, so you don't really know us.

Dalulla: typical Egyptian believer. A preacher on the side.

Roora: typical Egyptian believer. A preacher on the side.

Eve: can grow into a deep female beauty.

Jane: outreach of cultures.

R: very civilized and objective. Boring.

Magdee: fun to watch. He's almost sane.

Stacey: hard worker, but keep your emotions out of your research.

Big Pharaoh: deep political analysis, only for the shallow right-wing Americans.

Josh: nice guy, spent too long in Egypt. Are you sure you're okay?

Issandr: too well-composed to be working in Egypt. Something must be wrong.

'Arfan: the Arab state of being.

Nadezhda: good working American.

Milad: where's the results of that bloggers survey? What good is it?


Jane said...

I am hoping that your short description of yourself as a blogger was in jest. I think you are better than you think. If I were given only three words to describe your blogging, I would choose: interesting, observant, and addictive.

Eman M said...

May I ask what do you mean by "typical" in "typical Egyptian believer."?
If you don't mind :)

LouLou said...

"Me: fuckin lonely bitch."

And this is what?False modesty?Fishing for compliments?

"Loulou: extra emotional idealist, at times naive, and she knows it and so worries about it."

Nonsense. Am an old, cynical, hardened woman of the world. Not a single star in my eyes.

R said...

I'm glad I'm one of 32 blogs you read :)
I think your description is too accurate, you may add "diplomatically boring!" I'm also bored of being too politically correct but I couldn't change (so far)!

I love your description of BP.. So ingenious and true! Deep to the shallow!!

haal said...

It is right here! :)
Great post, Mo. Very funny & accurate.

roora said...

Hi mohamed,

happy that you read my blog, there is not much

what do u mean by typical believer?
what a preach ? do u see me giving lectures?:)

your describtion about yourself " lonely", who isnt ? it is not really being lonely as much as we want to share some more of our deep thoughts with others than our usual close people.

and it was a good experience, so far.

MoonLightShadow said...

Glade to find my name listed here, and to know that you like the music :)

I add my voice to you asking Meshref not to forget about his colleagues here :D

roora said...

BTW, would u like us to say our opinion too on yours?

Milad said...

Nice post.
I'm still working on the survey; I'm now verifying and 'cleaning' the data before starting the analysis. First part of the results will hopefully appear next week.

zoss said...

wow! (interceding thought: did you mean a fucking-lonely bitch, or a fucking lonely-bitch? -- fucking, of course, in this sense. Now, back to wow!) Too much labeling to shake a fist at. I hope (mostly for your sake) that you are under no illusion that it is all true. I have to give you credit for the attempt though, and for the courage (for the lack of a better word) to lay it all out there.

Good company. Nice to read you all.


Al Sharief said...

Nice Surprize, this Blogger Row.

Mo: is NO ordinary Egyptian , Great Post. Very very Shrewood
some times "Wierdo's Taste" but Fun
:-)(per hall)

"Al Sharief: deep spirituality. Hard to understand."
What part you Did understand?!
& enjoyed

Dalulla said...

Al salamo alikom all.

Mohamed, this was quite an interesting "personal
analysis". Good try, really.

But if i may, what did u mean by the "typical Egyptian believer" bit?

A preacher on the side?
Yes i guess i am trying. we should all preach when we can, just to connect to the goodness around and to stimulate it amongst others, maybe to even stregthen it within our own selves..
In General, to create a strong awarness and encouragement for the good. We all have it in us.

Alina said...

Mo, who is the question addressed to and by whom?
Fuckin lonely bitch? Are you kidding or just craving for more attention? :))

Mohamed said...

Kayla, I thought the question was obvious! Is this your way of saying No :(

No, I'm not kidding, nor craving for attention, nor being falsly modest or fishing for compliments Loulou. I'm just saying who I am in harsh words so no one from the ones mentioned above gets back at me trying to beat me in describing me. Worked well so far :)

Sharief, wallahy el3azeem talata I am an ordinary Egyptian.

Zoss, the emphasis is on fuckin and bitch. If I missed with anyone, then I might've missed with you. I was just wildly guessing with you, but you didn't say no though, eh!

Loulou, you know I'm right.

Haal, I'm not kidding. It is right there!

Alina said...

:)) No, Mo! I was just making sure you weren't sending any mixed sgnals! And trying not to upset Misses FromCairo! LOL! I promise you will be the firt person I see when I come to Egypt!

haal said...

being silent on this whole 'go out' thing, doesnt by any means mean that I am happy or taking it easy. OK?

haal said...

by the way, you didnt say what you meant with Typical Egyptian believer? Interesting description.

Alina said...

I would never dare to imagine you would take it easy, Haal! :))

Shirazi said...

Wish I was in this list.

Haitham Sabbah said...

Happy Blog Day

Farmer said...

Me: Fuckin lonely bitch.... aren't we all

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