Thursday, July 14, 2005

Openning up, no?

Today I received an email from the managing director of a company that is doing pretty well, one of the startup success stories in Egypt. And this guy is one whom I've heard alot about and am particularly fond of. He was telling me about the new line of business that they are starting and wondering if I would consider joining them.

It is exactly the line of business that I'll be doing in my new job elsewhere. I can't begin to describe how great it is to have that line of business open up in Egypt, and it certainly looks like it is. Other than the fact that I love it, and its just my thing, and I've been hoping to work on it for as long as I remember, its real work for a change, and it is just the kind of work that we need to have in Egypt. Huge market potential, just huge. If this business really takes off, then I'll write something about it and maybe try to publish it in print.

Well ofcourse I replied to him promptly that I've accepted another offer, thanked him, and wished him all the best of luck. And ofcourse you never know, maybe I'll try to jump on to his company 6 months from now! I'm already starting to get confirmations about my worries of the management in my new company. I already knew it, so I'm getting myself into this mindset that "management doesn't matter!" if I want to survive here. Egyptian management sucks anyway, big time psychopaths.

Alot of people like me are becoming very weary of the word "potential" in Egypt, and indeed, this word has turned into a meaningless word for me. A guy I used to work with before, who left Egypt and is working in Silicon Valley now once said this before he left Egypt: "I've been in so many failed 'potentials' that whenever I hear that word, I start searching for my gun (ata7assas mosadassy)." That's exactly what I feel about this word now.


Al Sharief said...

What's the line of Business?

Other question I have,
"Egyptian management sucks anyway, big time psychopaths"

What bother you the most?
Does this statmen apply to the NEW successful startup companies you know about? If you will ever have your own business in Egypt, What would outline your style of Mgmt? Will your business survive? Or wou ld you evwr have to HIRE a psychopath ?

roora said...

hi mohamed

can u tell me if u dont mind of this well known company so that i might try to apply !

ok good luck in your new job

Ahmed said...

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MoonLightShadow said...

I’m just curious to know about that new line of business.

Storm in a Teacup said...

I like your blog! It thinks it's a positive when blog narrative jump around from personal to political to trivial.

It keeps things interesting.

Keep up the good work -

Troy Worman said...

Good luck, Mohamed.

Please see my post regarding U.S. Aid.

Mohamed said...

The line of business, hmm. Well, its a new type of belly dancing mixed with striptease. I love it, its got huge potential, and as we all know Egypt is balad ra'asat.

Roora, still interested in the job?

Sherief, why so many questions? I've answered one, I'll answer another. Yes ofcourse I'd hire a psychopath.. to torture them like they've been torturing me.

Storm in a Teacup, there's nothing trivial here ;)

roora said...

how funny !

ta7ab awy t3mal film from your job , go and say what is the new line of business it is not of the top confedentials in egypt ,

Al Sharief said...

So torture is What bothered you the most...

& belly dancing mixed with striptease will do the JOb G>!

MoonLightShadow said...

It's not that new line of business.