Monday, August 29, 2005

The Judges ultimatum

Will the judges boycott the elections for not getting their demands fulfilled by the regime, or not?

My bet is they won't. September 8 will be just another day in Egypt. Congratulations will be due to his Excellency President Mubarak for his historic win, and for his mandate to do whatever he wants with us. A show well done. Right on real Egyptians.

Place your bets if you want. No optimism allowed. If you win your bet, than atleast you'll win something out of this election.

BTW, anyone knows Hebrew? What does this Israeli article say about this blog?


DemianZ said...

Hi. I got here from that site so I shall translate.

The paragraph with the link to your site in English:
Mohammed, who operates the blog From Cairo With Love takes a more realistic approach regarding the effect of resistance in the Internet. "I do not believe that the Blogs and the Internet will change the Arab world, and make people revolt. I think these can be used as an effective mean to distribute information and communicate", He stated.
The whole article is about opposition to Mobarak on internet-blogs.
Some other blogs are given with links and explanations.


Mohamed said...

Thanks Z for feeding my curiosity. Much appreciated.

Mohammed said...

sadly I also think that they won't boycot the monitoring and 8th of sep. will be just another day :(((
I had planned to go to the demo at the press syndicate while they're holding their meeting as a show of support and to have a chance to celebrate their decision.
but right now I think it'll be a disappointment and think i better not go.