Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Voting for Mubarak is high treason

That's what I think. Sorry to be like most Egyptians in using labels and secluding people, but I'm not labeling people, but the act. The act of voting to Mubarak is a great disservice to this country.

The argument of the Mubarak supporters is that he is better than the alternative, Egyptians are not ready for democracy or for change even, let's maintain the status quo. High treason is looking after one's own interest at the cost of the group's interest, and that's what those who want to maintain the status quo are doing.

Is there a need to point out the terrible state this country is in, isn't it obvious? And yet all they think about is how it could get worse with someone other than Mubarak --instead of how it could get better. No wonder we're not getting anywhere. Many Egyptians are gutless and fearful, but worst of all is when they use that to serve their own interests, and these are the ones who screw this country for the rest of the citizens. Be passive and apathetic, but don't suck up and polish others because of fear and greed.

The streets are now full of banners of support to Mubarak. Most of the banners are put up by shops and business owners. Why would a butcher, a chicken shop, a balady cafe, a small business put up a banner supporting Mubarak. Do they really love him that much that they go through the hassle of putting up a banner paid for from their pockets? Are they forced to put those banners up by the NDP? If so, why aren't all the shops putting up banners? Will Mubarak see those banners personally and give them benefits that they're hoping for? I really don't get it, why do they put up those annoying banners with truly disgusting words, like "God has chosen you Mubarak", "Forever Mubarak", "The maker of the one united Arab Nation, Mubarak". One eih, we united eih, we Arab eih bass, Allah yekhreb beit elhartala. I wish they'd just stick to the new party's show slogans, "crossing to the future". Ofcourse we don't know what kind of future they're talking about, but whatever it is, now that all the bridges are destroyed, I'd like to know how they'll make that leap to whatever dark future they're talking about.

I really doubt that any of those who put up banners supporting Mubarak will actually go vote for him. They really want him as president, and they are sincere in protecting their interests by maintaining him as president (yeah, I'm reading their minds). But what's a secret vote compared to a big visible sign. It looks to me that all those who support Mubarak just want to protect their personal interests. If they are well off today, having a good business and managing well in that screwed up system of ours, then they want nothing to change. Maintain the tyranny, maintain the corruption, maintain the lawlessness, maintain social injustice, maintain the ignorance, maintain the cultural disorder and impairment, maintain the national weakness, maintain the lack of development and lack of economic growth --as long as I, am doing well.

Can there be that much fear and selfishness in people that they want the same person and the same regime with the exact same failure mechanisms rule us for 30 continuous years. A whole generation has seen nothing but failure. Isn't it enough? For God's sake, can't we hope for any better, can't we think any better of ourselves, don't we deserve any better? Do we really think that low of ourselves?! Do we not deserve any better than this mere state of survival that we're in, a painful survival. Do we not deserve to produce, develop, grow, excel, and lead? Is that it for us, and we should just try to maintain the lousy survival state we're in until we die. Those whom are supporting Mubarak apparently think so. Some of them think that they, and only they deserve any better, and to hell with all the rest.

Why would I ever vote for the same person who's failed to develop this country in a quarter of a century. Even if he's done no harm, if he's not a tyrant and hasn't stolen a penny, the guy is incompetent. He failed. To say the least, we're stagnant, if not disintegrating. He's had more than enough time, more than enough resources, more than enough ideas, and he simply failed to develop this country. All those businessmen whom are benefiting from him and his impotent system in power, or are afraid of not showing their support to him lest he turns on them, wouldn't it be a no brainer for them to fire an incompetent employee. You train the employee, give him more than one chance, give him time and resouces, and he keeps on failing, pulling your business back, wouldn't they fire him on the spot. Now, apply the same standards on the president, or is it because he's having the most critical job in the country and has all the threads in his hands he's free to mess up as he wishes! Well then don't fire him, but have some mercy on the rest of us and take down those pitiful banners.

AlDostour newspaper has a cute comparison table reminding us of Mubarak's 24 years of rule in Egypt compared to 22 years of Mahatir's rule in Malaysia. Even by a dictatorship standard, he's failed.


Aladdin said...

MSN news mentioned you, Baheyya and other bloggers relating to the pending presidential elections.

haal said...

What is the alternative? Is this a valid question to ask?

Mohamed said...

Well, yes ofcourse its a valid question. But why are so many assuming a worse alternative? Worse than the state we're in already? That's really hard to beat.

haal said...

Granted that we are optimisitic, what is the better alternative?

Ahmed Shokeir said...

خيانه إيه وبتاع إيه بس ... مالراجل زى الفل أهو وعمال يشرب شاى هنا وهناك لغايه ماجاله إمساك.. هايعمل أيه أكتر من كده ...!!؟؟؟

ده إنتو شعب مايعلم بيه إلا ربنا

Mohamed said...

آه يا خاين

حال, و هل نرضى بحالنا الوضيع لعدم وجود بديل؟ و ما تظنين سبب عدم وجود البديل؟ و لم لا نرفض الوضع الحالى و نصنع البديل؟ أو على الأقل لا نساهم فى استمرار الوضع الحالى