Saturday, January 13, 2007

Two months later

"Yes. I am selfish."

"Your heavy energy is transfered to me. Its hard to breath."

"We must open that wall, its dark and I need the light." "We're keeping the wall."

"Yikes. That's ugly (your taste)."

Facial expression of disgust.

"He wants this wierd table. Will you tell him that there's no such thing."

"I love this stuff, this is what we should do."

"I don't love him as much as I love you."

"Its just that I need to trigger you to talk sometimes. You need an overall change. I think when we start living together you will manage to have goals in life again."

"So? Tell me a story. Tell me a story. Tell me a story."

"This food is bad. It has no taste. So why did you bring us here?"

"I just want to fill gas. Why did you take me to this street? uff"

"Oh, Why did you tell me to go through this street? I like to take Kasr elNile."

"Are you bored of me?"

"So, is this mood of yours normal? What happened to the guy who wouldn't stop talking?"


Deeeeeee said...

Looool...Looks like someone getting married.. No one said it was easy, did they now? Just remember, when things get too outta hand there's always 'salat eleste7'ara' to tell you what to do.

شهرزاد Shahrazad said...

lol @ este7'ara, i certainly wouldn't do it. Mainly because if i still needed it given this lovely scenario it would be because i don't want to consider anything else. Like sometimes the really important things to you are just too important to do este7'ara for just in case you don't get the answer you want. I guess someone has to be very important for me to put up with this so what the hell. Good luck though:)

Alina said...

Funny, Mo! I loved the last one! At least someone is getting the are you ok question when shutting up for too long. For me, if i don't speak for 5 minutes, I get the "What's wrong?" question. :p

So, will you have the date soon?

egyptiankangaroo said...

More bloodshed in Lebanon. Why is it happening yet again? What will it take for the security forces to get their act together? It is about time that the Lebanese took the matter into their own hands and led their country instead of waiting for someone for the outside to do it for them. It is time for them to be one. I know that it is easier said than done, but what the heck it is a blog after all.
Please come and tell me what you think @

Heba said...

i always thought human relations were mysterious and matter how much love there is, this is the scenario you always get in the end...Always...
but the whole beauty lies in it too, no matter how annoying and tiresome it might look...
there is always a tinge of beauty in the most tiresome things in life...
good luck, and salat estekhara never brings you harm, its always good to make one, like dee said..

Nouran said...



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