Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Women managers

are bitches with a whip!

(details later)


Jewaira said...

So that's why you haven't been posting much.

Alina said...

Yes, some of them are :) I hope I'm not though :)

azza said...

leih bas keda ya mohamed.
this is azza btw

Anonymous said...

I can name a few on a certain place

Anonymous said...

They aren't, really! It's just that they have to perform in a man's world and (here, let me be blunt) go overboard.
This is from an Indian male. We have female managers in India, too. LOL.

lilhabibti said...

i just saw your blog on tv... or a flash of it at least. ur blog is nice u should update more often. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi,my name is Alberto and I've seen your blog and I've decided to write.

I'm a Spanish travel photographer and I'm planning a long travel to Egypt next month. I've seen some interesting reportages in El Cairo, specially in the City of the Dead (Cemetary) and also about people who live in the unfinisehd roofs of the houses. I'd like to take pictures about those subjects and would need some help from a local person, and Egytian living in El Cairo to tell me some things travel guide don't say: like if it's dangerous, what is the better way not to bother Egyptians or if he, as a person who knows the city, knows a way to plan and prepare the reportage.

If you wouldn't mind helping me, it'd be only answering some questions. If you don't have time I understand.

Thanks for your time.
Alberto Mateo

Greetekees said...

Hi Alberto,

I say your post on from Cairo with love blog.
I have been living in Cairo myself for almost year and I have some answers for you.

Preparation would be the first thing to do. For filming in the city you would need to ask permisson from the government. Since the goverment doesn't really like to expose poverty to the people outside Egypt, filming poor people in Zabaleen city and people who don;t have a proper house would be a sensitive matter. Maybe you have heard about the rockslide about two weeks ago. This really stirred up anger among the poorest here in Cairo, a lot of questions were asked in the goverment. The rockslide was in an area called Doweiqa, very close to the Garbage City.

Then another thing, people who are Islamic don't really agree to have their picture taken. I love photography myself (I am an amateur though) and I came across many people who didn;'t like/want posing.

Cairo is not too dangerous at all in my opinon (compared to New York, and other cities in South America). There is police everywhere on the street, 24X7. But if you do want to get in the poorer areas I would suggest you take a guide, someone who speaks Arabic, dress modestly and don't show off you camera too much.

An organisation called CSA in Maadi - expat area in Cairo used to organize tours in the City of the Dead and also the recylcling factory. Maybe you could join that, get to know the Arabic guide and maybe he can show you around more another time.

This country is great, the people are warm and I could come up with 100 documentaries, if I had the money to make them.

Anyway hope this helped you out a bit.
Kind regards Margreet

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