Sunday, March 13, 2005

We want more

Hosni was getting restless and annoyed that Egyptians are not complaining and seem to be so happy with everything. He gathered his ministers and told them that he's starting to get worried, and they should think of something to annoy the people with, and then solve the problem they've created, and this way he can praise himself and prove that he's been solving the people's problems.

After much deliberation, Hosni agreed to install a checkpoint on 6th of October bridge (Cairo's main bridge) stopping every passing car, and slapping (in another story, "screwing") the driver on the face before letting them go.

A few weeks pass by and Hosni gets more restless, gathers his ministers; "are they starting to compalain yet? are they becoming unhappy yet?". Ministers say "No, they're happy and thanking you for all your graces, and praying for you every day". He decides to give the people a harder time, so a thoughtful minister suggests, "let's add more checkpoints on the bridge, and have them slap the driver as well as the passengers." They all agree, and Hosni decides to go with the group decision (being the democrat that he is) and implement the decision.

A few weeks later, Hosni gathers his ministers again. "Are they unhappy and complaining yet?", ministers say, "No, sir, as happy as ever". So, Hosni decides to get to the bottom of this and gather his people to talk to them first hand, listen to anything that might be bugging them and solve their problems so that people worship him.

Hosni gathers the Egyptians, gives his speech on how his only concern is the good of the people and the future of our next generations. Then he opens the floor for questions, and requests that people ask freely, and raise any issue or problems that they might be having in their daily lives. After a while of silence, a guy shyly raises his hand for a question. "Yes, yes, that guy at the back, what's your question". "Mr. honorable president. We thank you for all your great efforts and for your hard work in making Egypt one of the best countries in the world. This is the best time in Egypt's history, and its all because of you. I just have one little request regarding those checkpoints on the bridge". Hosni feels relieved that finally someone is going to complain about this, and he can solve his problem. The guy goes, "We think the checkpoints are a great idea, and feel very safe for having them, and the guys who slap us are very nice people, but I was wondering if we can increase the number of people who slap us in order to speed the process a bit?"

If you didn't get it, that was supposed to be a "joke"! A common one around here.


TY said...

No new Gamal/Alaa Mubarak jokes post dad's stunt re constitution?

And just WHERE is Gamal lately?

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