Saturday, April 02, 2005

Gotta love Ibrahim Eissa

This cartoon is from the front page of Ibrahim Eissa's Dostour newspaper :)

The cartoon says:
Q: What's the government scared to death of ?
Put a check mark (X) infront of the correct answer:
A) scared from the people
B) from the Muslim Brothers
C) from the Americans

There's also a page inside the newspaper with complete posts of Egyptian bloggers. These posts are published as is on page 16:

Imperialism of the underwear from Beyond Normal

Why I am a blogger? (a testimony) from Hamuksha

Virginity from Africano

Not once and Spelling mistakes from Digressing

Angel from Shamoussa


Mohammed said...

check the discussion about this move by aldostoor here:
I dislike the way they edited half of wht I wrote making the posts meaningless...

The Cairene said...

Mohamed: I loved the cartoon as well. Fantastic.

Mohammed: As I was reading the blog section in El-Destour I was wondering about COPYRIGHTS. Shouldn't bloggers consider means to protect their work at least from such bad editing?

Mohamed said...

So they plan to do this in every issue? Good. I agree with Hamuksha about questioning mixing different media channels' content together. When I was describing the content of my blog for example on my first post, I said that this is not magazine/newspaper (paper media) content type. However, I think its a good mean to promote the Arabic blogosphere, but shouldn't be a mean to deliver the actual blogs content through the paper media.

But they didn't edit your posts, they took excerpts, but just didn't put the complete thing. Still, publishing those blog posts could encourage the newspaper readers to hop onto the Internet and check out what the heck this blogosphere is.

praktike said...

Here's a piece in Al Ahram about the paper's return.

Daniel said...

Here´s another piece about ad Dustour from

Mohammed said...

another discussion on eldostoor blogs page: