Friday, April 01, 2005

Hosni speaks to me

A few days ago I received a big envelope by mail addressed to me by name. It was a bit of a surprise to find that its sent from Hosni's National Democratic Party (yes, the NDP)! Interesting, eh. I wonder how they got my name and address, and why they thought I'm a candidate for their propaganda. I thought its probably some flyers promoting the Party (which is in itself something new and interesting), same as reading AlGomhuria newspaper. So I put the envelope aside, and just now I decided to open it. Even more surprised, its a very neatly printed on very high-quality paper booklet that's entitled:

Party Visions and Stands
Adjusting Clause (76) of the Constitution
The Start of a New Historic Era of Political Work

The National Democratic Party
New Vision

Interesting stuff, eh. Are they actually taking that constitution thing seriously?! In all truth I'm actually impressed! Well, my first impression is always a naive one. But come on, this is like one of the very few times that the authorities in Egypt respect me, and address me directly, in such a logical (somewhat) manner. I like it. The thing is well written, and here are the section titles:

o Introduction
o Why adjust clause (76)?
o What are the restrictions to ensure serious candidacy?
o Can the seriousness restrictions become preventive of candidacy?
o Who monitors the presidential elections?
o Script of the President's book to Parliament over the constitution adjustment
o Why have the presidential elections in a single day?
o How to organize financing and promotion/advertising for the presidential campaigns/elections?
o What are the procedures for adjusting clause (76) of the constitution?
The President's role
The People's Assembly role
The Shura Assembly role
The People's role
o Adjustment of clause (76) and the democracy path in Egypt

You've gotta give it to them. Its not bad. I can hardly think of what to criticize this for. Except maybe that they're wasting my tax money over party propaganda.


This is Cairo said...

Got it too and admired the layout and paper quality- not very NDP/7okoma. But I never bothered reading it. This is the Jimmy influence of course and reminds me of what he called 'citizenship rights' document which is supposed to enlighten us about our rights.. err..umm..
So you see, everybody is upgrading: Kifaya broke the mubarak taboo, and Jimmy is modernising the NDP on the surface. I never thought Jimmy was going to succeed his fahter a la Syria way btw. I always believed he will build a public profile that will allow him to win an election without necessarily rigging it. And I bet you he will win. A lot of Egyptians would vote for a younger and cooler Mubarak and maintain the status quo- something we excel in since the ancient Egyptians. Now who EVER said Pharaoh here? Honestly...

Mohamed said...

Well yes, we shouldn't get fooled. Its all a big show. Wasn't Sherif Sabry (Ruby's video clips director) the grand director/organizer of the NDP's last year party convention. Says something of what they're trying to do, eh.

Alot of people are questioning that Jimmy can succeed his dad that easily, with the military doing nothing about it.

This is Cairo said...

"Alot of people are questioning that Jimmy can succeed his dad that easily, with the military doing nothing about it"
Amending article 76 of the constitution MEANS that the military wont have much to do with it because technicaly it will be a direct and free vote. This was a darbet me3alem from Hosni.

praktike said...

I was looking at "Jimmy's" interview on the NDP site and I noticed this paragraph:

Another important component prioritised in our political reform agenda will be to the expansion of the role of local government. Improving the effectiveness of local government and elected local council is of paramount importance, both in widening the scope of participation of local communities in public life, and in improving the quality of public services at the local level.

Has any of this actually happened?

Mohamed said...

Ofcourse not Praktike. One of the most corrupt entities in our government are the local councils. The most clear "New Vision" of the NDP is that they are getting better at talking. I listen to them and I'm really impressed (they use all the fancy keywords, like transparency, decentralization, reform, elected local council, etc.), but on the ground, absolutely nothing happens. The last (or the one before) NDP convention, Housam Badrawy was talking about reforming education and decentralizing it, and I was like, wow. Felt like we're in Europe or something. But its all a very nicely orchestrated show, with absolutely no substance.

praktike said...

That's what I figured. I definitely read a lot of that talk in Al Ahram, but it usually is so _general_ and content-free.

Local government seems like a logical place to start political reforms, it seems to me.

Orientalism said...

exaclty, there getting better at talking, the website more advanced, the pamphlets are sleeker, the suits are better tailored, but nothing changes.

My personal favourite touch is Jimmys various pictures with a laptop, giving the "modern" immpression. what do they expect the egyptians to think " wow, this guy can actually operate a laptop, and speaks great english, he would make a great president!!" what a total scam.

Mohamed said...

No AAG, they're expecting the Americans to think " wow, this guy can actually operate a laptop, and speaks great english, he would make a great president!!".

They don't care what the Egyptians think.