Monday, April 18, 2005

Look, listen, and learn

Considering what's happening with the Judges in Egypt (Baheyya talks more about what the Judges are up to here) and all the protests going on these days. Is something like this possible in Egypt?!

Far off in Ecuador (excerpts from NYT):

the crisis, caused by simmering anger over the firing in December of the Supreme Court by the president's allies in Congress, appeared to have no end in sight.
A day after Mr. Gutiérrez revoked a state of emergency to quell days of protests, Congress convened in a special session Sunday to discuss a judicial crisis amid repeated calls for the president's resignation. The tumult has left Mr. Gutiérrez, whose austere economic policies and heavy-handed governing style had already antagonized many Ecuadoreans, on shaky political footing.
Mr. Gutiérrez said it was not he who was strong-arming the judiciary, but rather the political dinosaurs who would not permit reforms that would take the courts out of the hands of crooked politicians. Mr. Gutiérrez cast himself as an honest servant of the people, improving the economy and battling vested interests.
But the president faced determined opponents, from middle-class homemakers to leftist student groups and indigenous organizations angered by what they view as a corrupt government interested more in consolidating power than in improving their lives.
Many of the protesters - part of a loose, disorganized force that is leaderless but potent - say they do not want just Mr. Gutiérrez out, but all the politicians and parties.
Ecuador has been racked by strife since December, when the president's supporters in Congress fired 27 of the 31 judges on the court, which had earlier backed a failed effort to impeach Mr. Gutiérrez on corruption charges.

Sounds like good stuff. If only our judges could get themselves fired. I'm sure we'll all go protesting in the streets pushing Mr. President to step down!

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