Monday, May 02, 2005


ma3shookaty.. Pretty excited about my trip to Alex next weekend. I have three good Alexandrian friends. They're all working in Cairo, actually all except one. That one has decided to leave Egypt, for the third time. He reminds me of myself, except that I switch jobs every 6 months, and he switches countries every 9 months. He really does. That's what Cairo does to you. Whenever I start thinking of myself as crazy, I like to remember him to know how much sanity I have left.

Well he got a new job in England now, new country for him. I, am counting the days until he decides to come back. Can't imagine he'll stand it there. Slough is one dead city, and the UK is by far not as good as Canada. Its pretty close to Egypt though, so that should be good. Well, I have four friends (non-virtual friends) now in England. Are we the ones invading them now?! Reminds me of Season of Migration to the North by AlTayeb Saleh. That was a good novel, sexual invasion of the North, not bad. I keep thinking that if this friend of mine has a blog, it would be a replica of Big Pharaoh's. Crazy as shit. Anyways. Good luck up there my friend, and don't come back soon.

I'll miss this guy in Alex next week. The other two should make it up for me though. They don't know each other that well, and one of them will be really busy with his wedding --which is the reason I'm going-- that I probably won't see him for long. The other guy will show me some fun there, or atleast that's what I'm hoping. Well, he's engaged now so I know there will be some limits, but all I want is a traditional trip really. A traditional trip in good old Alex. I know the Squash game planned with this guy is not really an Alexandrian thing, but it sure should be fun to go to Sporting Club (which beats any club I've been to in Cairo), and kick this guy's ass in court.

Two of my Cairene friends had intentions to join me, but its better without them. One of them wants me to drive there, but hell no, I'm enjoying the train, especially that this is the reason you're not coming. I hate cars actually, especially driving them. What kind of a guy is that? you say. Yeah I know, but hey, I love sex. That makes for a much better ride I would say.

Lots of good memories in Alex, mostly from college days. I haven't been there in almost 6 years now. Actually, I went for a few hours over a year ago but felt like a stranger. Alex is always great though. Unlike Cairo, that drained woman which had too many experiences with mean men --a bitch, Alex is a classy lady. High heels, wavy long hair, full makeup, wet wet wet, and artificial boobs (after that latest plastic surgery on the Corniche). I didn't like that Corniche the last time I was there. Fake boobs indeed, looks good from far away, but feels terrible. Can't walk on the Corniche anymore without being scared of a fast moving vehicle hitting you. Can't sit and enjoy the sea with the sound of the waves and the breeze anymore, because the cars are moving so fast you can't hear anything, and you're all covered with car exhaust after a few minutes of sitting there. You ruined that Corniche Mahgoub.

Forget about sex, a good woman is one that can feed you well. And Alex can sure do, fish in Bahary, foul at Awad, kabab at Balba3, feteer at what's his name, pudding at Saber, sheesha by the sea, and watching hookers dance on the Corniche at 1am is not a bad way to have dessert either. I think I'll skip zan'et elsettat this time!

Post-arrival thoughts


Lovely two days in Alexandria. She treated me well. I don't mind spending a few months there. Very cosy and family-like trip. Worst thing there are the Cairene tourists. I still dislike the Corniche. My first impression was right, it feels terrible. I figured the solution though; make the Corniche a pedestrian-only road, except for public transportation, and build all the highways needed in the backend of the city. Also, disallow Cairenes from entering the city with their cars.

I've realized that El Mahgoub, Alexandria's Governor, is not as good as I thought he was. He basically sold the city out to the businessmen. Alexandria did not infact improve.

My friend's fiance had a 'potential bride' for me. I told her that I'd love to marry a girl from Alexandria. Good excuse for me to come more often.

The best part about that trip was a book that I'm reading, which I'll probably write about sometime this week. Oh, for those who might wonder why I didn't blog from Alex. Well, the Internet has not reached there yet.

Terrorism, etc.

My friend who works in the tourism business in Cairo called me on my first day there, and told me, "Are you happy now?! Tourism has been killed today. I'll probably be unemployed very soon." Well my friend, you've always wanted to change your field of work, I guess its about time now buddy.

What did those terrorists do anyway?! They get dumber by the day. They'll probably join their friend from AlAzhar bombing and take that same divine express lane to hell. That lane is getting more crowded every day.

I don't sympathize with those terrorists, but I don't blame them. I blame our government and our society. These guys and girls have had it, and are frustrated like hell. Their message which they were never able to say was, Enough.

A screwed up Cairene family blew themselves up and went on a shooting rampage. Crazy Cairenes! What can we expect though when Amn Eldawla tortures all of Bashandy's (Azhar bomber) family!

Just now, I'm starting to feel the Spring's wind of change blowing. What should I hold on to if I don't want to get blown away with it? Or should I just avoid it all together and find another place to be?

Well tourists, its been nice having you here. I guess you won't be coming for a while. I know your throats and stomachs were not slit like in Luxor in 1997, but if Cairenes are getting that desparate and crazy, then you ought to be careful. Just know one thing. You were not meant by this, and they had no grudge against you --even though you were shot. It was done out of revenge at our repressive government.

Ruby and the veil

While I was in Alex, I got the chance to see that video clip with the veiled girl and Haitham Saeed. To be honest, I had a preconceived judgement about the clip before I even saw it. A veiled girl in one of today's porno clips. Can't be good. With people claiming that the girl is dancing in the clip. Can't be good. Are we promoting such behavior for veiled girls as well now, flirting, dancing, and making out in public?! However, seeing the clip, I think its actually very cute. They did not touch or hold hands a single time. The girl is actually very cute and sweet. The guy was flirting in a sweet way, nothing dirty. I think the clip is actually good. It might be even promoting that veiled girls can be respectable, sweet, as well as normal people. All Ruby and morals aside, Sherif Sabry (the clip's director) is good at what he does. And may I dare to go as far as saying that the girl is cuter than Nancy Ajram!

What about me?

I think I'm close to making a final decision. Time to take a good break from Egypt. I've made too many trials here, on different fronts. Time to give up. The well composed PhD plans don't seem to be working, but that won't stop me. Time to make that move and quit my job before I rot in it. September sounds like a good time to take my couple of years break, leaving behind my parents, my country, and everything good here, for alot of unknowns back there. Need a good change, a different change, hopefully a better one. Even if it doesn't work, it'll still be a good break, a much shorter one, and probably a rather safer one.


Twosret said...
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Hellme said...

That wasn't a very long break.

Mohamed said...

Yea, writing this shit makes me sleep better at night, so its worth coming back!

Can't believe you guys are starting to spread rumours, not about me, but about my posts! :)

Twosret said...
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Haal said...

I have never seen the old corniche. But I have been a regular visitor to Alex during these past 3 years, after the real innovation started. I think the corniche is great. Didnt have your experience though.I guess, it must have been during the summer.

If you want good fish, I will also suggest Farag. Apart from the bahari fun, but farag's fish (moussa fish specially)is unbelievable. It is not far away from bahari. In 'haret el tabakheen'.

The Cairene said...

So your friend is going to Slough! I went to school (and lived) there in the 80s. My school was walking distance from the train station, but I think it moved to Ascot later on. I would really love to know if the old building is still there though..
I love Alex too and regret not going in the winter- a plan I always failed to carry out. I wonder why my mind never conjures such sexual imageary about the "bitch" and the "classy lady" with artificial boobs! Maybe I dont watch enough Iqraa TV ;)

Twosret said...
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Highlander said...

Enjoy the trip and come back with lovely stories. I'd love to go to Eskandaryia one day !

Hellme said...

Mo - wish you luck with the move. Where you of to? Canada I presume?

Mohamed said...

Yeah, Canada. Not sure how that will go.

TIC said...

What is all this sadness? I was looking forward to reading something different about your encouter with ma3shokatak!

Hellme said...

Hopefully, it'll go good. Egypt is a bitch right now, though I suspect I might move back there very, very soon.

Yala...lezoom el te3dad el sokani.

Mohamed said...

TIC, the encounter with Alex was great, and that's what I wrote about it. There are many other reasons for sadness, and Alex is not one of them.

Hellme, it is good to come back. If atleast not to think of coming back again!

tic said...


Twosret said...
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Highlander said...

Twosret, I'm sure Mohamed was joking about internet and Alex..come on ;) can you imagine? what about all the people there? عملين إزاي

Hellme said...

Yabni I haven't spent that much time outside Egypt anyway.

Two - why is that confusing?

Twosret said...
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Chanad said...

Have fun on your trip mate.

One comment about the Haitham Saeed clip. If I recall correctly, the couple actually does hold hands briefly towards the end of the clip.

But I agree, you have to give credit to Sherid Sabri for being able to do sleaze videos for Ruby, this muhajaba video, as well as a pretty good Orascom commercial that is shown on CNN. He knows his stuff.

Hellme said...

Two - no, I wasn't born and raised in the UK (thank God for that). I wasn't born and raised in Egypt either.

MG said...


Welcome back and don't get me wrong I love Alexandria too... I spent a great amount of time there and I feel it gets boring after spending a month or two there but its also possible that I just got so used on the noise, crowding and pollution that I feel uncomfortable anywhere else! Did you visit khamaret El Sheikh Ali (a Baladi pub near ma7tet el raml)?

As for Sherif Sabri's Haitham Saeid video I think he's just sending a message that he can satisfy all tastes. The veiled girl is really cute.

Mohamed and Hellme,

Guys please don't quit blogging now... I admit I've been considering this move too for a while now, but the Egyptian blogosphere will be empty with the monkeys and the pharaohs left out there!

Hellme said...


Ta7t el 7ezam di.

Twosret said...
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Mohamed said...

Hellme does not strike me as a born-in-the-UK person. Aren't the British cold!, well, Hellme isn't.

Chanad, they never touched. I watched very closely. And that makes Sherif Sabry smart.

Magdee, I think you're right. A few months in Alex would probably be very boring, and I get bored very easily aslan. So, what's special about this Khammara, hehe?! Lazem fee 7aga tanya ya3ny, can't be just alcohol and hookers ya3ny..

Twosret, wala neswanha wala beta3 ba'a. You haven't started your blog yet, and TIC has been deleting her blog every few days.

Also, I think aliens from outer space invaded Digressing Mohammed's blog too (weird message on his blog). What is happening? So I won't write about what's wrong with Egyptians, but maybe I should write about what is wrong with Egyptian bloggers :)

haal said...

Go, change, enjoy and suffer. Just dont reach for the 'sure' or the 'secured', these things dont exist. They are just names we invented to.....

Good luck. Canada is not that bad. Not my favourite though.

Mohamed said...

Thanks Haal.

One thing about the bloggers who plan to or have deleted their blogs. For me, I would never delete my blog and its content. I value myself and what I write too much to do that (though I never say it). I might hide it from the public, but I wouldn't destroy it.

Twosret said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mohamed said...

Twosret, sorry you feel that way. But one of the main reasons I put my blog back online so quickly is because Magdee was referencing your post here, which has been on the top 10 list (on the sidebar) since i came back btw.

Mohamed said...

I can't believe this! You're deleting all your comments from my blog! WOW. I really offended you, didn't I?!

Twosret said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mohamed said...

Ok, this is worth a clarification. More than one person have apparently been offended by that 'value' comment I made up there. I'm not implying that any of the bloggers who did delete any of their stuff don't value it in any way. Its just that people deleting their blogs made me think if I can actually delete mine, and I thought its impossible for me to destroy it all together. That 'value' comment is really a self-reflection, unrelated to anyone else. Why's everyone getting so offended by this?! The first time I say anything good about myself, everyone starts to hate me. Weird.

Twosret said...


Something is very wrong. I didn't delete any posts. I just went to blogger and changed my password. I have no clue what is going on.

My initial post was a joke nothing more Adam and Eve pickering.

Let us see if this post will survive

Mohammed said...

invaded by aliens?
weird message?
meen da?

Highlander said...

في حد عاوز يسطر
on the comment section or what?
I'm sorry Twosret your stuff got deleted ..maybe you are "pissing off" somebody ;) sorry that someone is tampering with your blog as well Mohamed...maybe they want you to go crazy talking to yourself only or what by offending all your friends divide an rule. I don't think the bloggers are small minded /childlike to take that 'value' comment of yours as something to be offended about ya3ni...come on it would be like kindergarden. And by the way blogger has been playing tricks on us so maybe TIC has not deleted her blog but is having trouble? I had the same as well and I know was not controversial wa la 7at natuffa. Twosret if your password was very very easy you better make it something even an alien can't guess ;)

Mohamed said...

aiwa enta.. I was thinking of dropping by elAsr elAini to check on you. Not that you're lying in bed there kafAlla elshar, but you work there, mesh kidda?.. so i thought i'd see who you've killed lately, maybe I'd understand what might've caused this.

MG said...

Sorry Hellme... I know it's rude but that how I feel I can't help it!

Twosret said...


I'm still hoping it is a glitch or something. I'm confused myself. I always send to Mohamed to delete double posts but didn't delete anything before on the blogsphere.

Obviously Mohamed is communicating with the outer world ;)may be if he can find a way to bring back my comments it will be useful :)

I changed my password.

The Sandmonkey said...

Mashy ya 3am Magdee, Rabenah Yesam7ak!

Mohammed said...

i don't work at asr alaini.... mostafa hussien (blogging on the wrong side)does, i believe...
i'm eskandrani...yes, i live at that place that internet didn't reach yet...

Magdee, is it sheikh ali or chez gabe? the one wara cinema royal in a small alley?

The Sandmonkey said...

Twosret, i think this is all a conspiracy targeting you. First Hellme gets hacked, and you have left comments there, and then this. Maybe someone in the blogsphere is targeting your existance on egyptian blogs. Maybe a female hacker is jealous of you or something.Hmmm...

I am glad no one targetted your comments on my blog yet (knock on wood). It seems that they deleted every comment you've made here. This is done with malicious intent woman. Who dislikes you that much?

Mohamed, who is in el asr el 3ainy? elaborate we hiyat abook.

Hellme said...

Yel3an abo el internet we seneen el internet :)

Twosret said...

Ameen ya khoya lol! I will sign off and sleep now :)

Ya Sandmonkey you should know better,they call me the Godmother of the Egyptian bloggers who would dare to hate me ;)

Homa El Yahoood mafish gheirhom lol

Mohamed said...

Eih dah, Mohammed, you're Alexandrian.. we sayebny afty about Alex kol dah! Mesh 3aref leih I think all doctors work at el'asr elaini!

I can't believe someone can be that silly to go through someone else's comments and delete them. Sandmonkey, they didn't get all of Twosret's comments here. The earlier ones are still there.

Twosret, I have all your comments backed up elsewhere. I can send them to you if you want.

Mohammed said...

mostafa's blog is here:

7'ali el sha3b ye3eesh :)

MG said...


Ya 3am rabena yesame7na kolena.


Nope, Chez Gabe is another place and i'm not sure of the directions or street names. But Cap d'or aka Khamaret El-Sheikh Ali (I have no idea where the Sheikh Ali name came from) is in the small alley near some Cinema!


It's not about booze and hookers.
This place is famous for the out of this world Yakhni Soubait (Calamaris) that they make yummmy, God just the thought of it makes me drool and wanna head there right now, plus its also famous for its fried basarya fish and gandofli. The place is so cheap. There are few celebrities who hang out there too, like Adel Imam and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz.
It also have an underground reputation of being a Gay hangout... which really explains why the place lacks of women. I knew about this reputation thing recently, disturbingly after I took my dad there last summer lol but I don't care I will go there for Yakhni anytime!

Twosret said...


Don't worry about it. It is only blogging not a big deal. I think it is becoming personal for some reason.

I'm cool though no problem the ignore button is on :)

Ya Magdee Ya Magdee hmmm walla balash ana mally.

Mohamed said...

Mesh 'oltelak ya Magdee.. it can't be just about alcohol or hookers (or even good food).. hehehe.

samwithaplan said...

Hi All,

I love the music in the Orascom video produced with Sherif Sabri - does anyone know who's the artist.

best regards,


MayaGuerrera said...

Hey Mohamed, whadya mean there is no internet in eskanderia? are we in alternative worlds? or is this a hoax?! maya, blogging in iskanderia..

Anonymous said...

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