Saturday, June 25, 2005

6 Kilos

Still gaining weight. Yes, I'm running 8Km again and slightly improving, but I need to run 30K to burn the amount of food that I eat. You're eating like a pig, and turning into a cow. Stop eating. Stay away from that fridge. Don't look at that menu. Starvation. Starts NOW.

Well, I couldn't help but get my favorite juice after today's run --Strawberry with Orange. This had better be the last thing I put in my mouth today.


TARFAH said...

I had a friend who couldn't think of a better place to hide during an earthquake other than the kitchen--next to the fridge! I hope you are not like this friend.

LouLou said...


You know I haven't actually gained any weight on the scale but I'm less toned & I have much less energy.I blame it on my job.
When I was at college & living away from home I lived on Burger King & Dominos & Dunkin Donuts.But I was on my feet the whole day. Just walking from class to the lab or from the lab back to my dorm was like 15 or 20 min.Added to which we went out so much.Ice-skating, roller-skating, miniature golf, bowling, dancing. It wasn't regular exercise in the gym but it was an active lifestyle.
Now I work all day i.e. am sitting on my desk for more than 10 hrs everyday.Then after work I go sit in restaurants & coffee shops with my friends or go home & stretch out on the couch infront of the TV.
So now I HAVE to exercise. I tried really hard to get out of it because I find the gym so dull & it's way too hot to go running here.So I actually went to see a doctor about liposuction. She was laughing at me. She said that there were no fat deposits for her to work on & that my muscles were just slacking out & need exercise.And I checked out all the cellulite treatments. In addition to being indecently expensive am told they won't work for me because I have no cellulite. Again I was told you just need to exercise.
I try to go swimming & really push myself & do lengths in the weekend so that's at least twice a week.And I want to take some dancing classes. Let's hope that will do the trick.
Good luck with your running. It's the best exercise if the weather is good & you're in a nice area.

Mohamed said...

TAO! I did hide next to the fridge during the earthquate. Or so my friends claim :)

Loulou, nothing better than a good exercise. Why liposuck, when you can take it out with exercise? But if exercise won't do it, then by all means, suck it all out.

Twosret said...


"I order a large pizza to finish it on my own..."

Skipping the above will do it for you! starvation never work, better choices and small changes does have a steady long term affect. Slowly but surely :)


Please don't seek Lipo there is always side affects to every surgery and I think you can lead a very healthy life style from what you wrote. May be if you find someone to hold you accountable and check on your daily excercise routine, you will be motivated.

I have a friend who does that via e-mail and it works!

Me, Myself And I said...

Hey Mo..thanks for this post-I read it at 6.30am then had to look at myself in the mirror getting dressed for work (could not avoid that) and hey, it hit a vulnerable spot, and set the flavour of the day: “DO YOU THINK I AM FAT??”. I have already avoided looking at me walking in through the mirror doors at work, text msgd two friends with this question and asked a colleague at work (mind you all men-but I am comfortable doing this as I am not the type who would come across as a sexual harasser or the like). This reaction actually hit another cord—do I really know myself--am I that kinda person who claims (most importantly to herself) that she has soooooooooooooo much inner poise and no-ego that it really does not matter how others perceive me –at least physically or vanity still lingers there..why did I have to ask others, and why would I not settle for my self assessment that I AM FAT. Well thanks for you post, it got me pondering and that is good. It is funny how some days these few extra pounds seem to be the most daunting challenge I am set out to face in life…I am more of less satisfied and actually happy with me and my life..i do my little jihad with the self-but am not able to apply this jihad to the few extra pounds (at least I like to refer to them as few)--I live my life with extreme ease, I look at it as an experience not a challenge.. I feel comfortable within (apparently not re the pounds)- I feel that I have, and am duly paying my dues to me, life, society, country etc…feel happy and unencumbered being a great single mother, a lovely, no-maintenance divorcee-(no financial or logistical demands, your friend with the divorce saga needs to apply this criteria what kind of divorcee will he have to face), and yes a democracy officer- but I do it with integrity and passion so I should be given a break…But again it is those pounds..I actually had a rule in life never go out with a man who eats less than I do (I am not such a pig though) and I laughed my ass out when a guy I was dating told me once he has a plan to gain three pounds by the end of the summer..something, I told him, I would never ever have to worry about in life. …the best of times was when I was exercising daily-have a gym at work so I have no excuse- and was watchful of what I stuffed in my mouth-fat free or almost free worked great for me-but dunno where and when I lost my mojo-at times I think it must not be that important to me or else I would have done it…well dunno, but what I know is that post got me thinking again-and I need to hit the gym…it was great for my body, soul and mind. And hey tell your friend-if he is serious divorce is not the end of the world, it can actually be the beginning with the golden rule-the kids need to be first and foremost-set aside your pettiness if you have any and think KID…

Mohamed said...

Hey MMI, what you're describing sounds pretty damn good --except for having to ask others if you're fat (I always thought one can tell if he/she is fat). We all need to hit the gym, even if we're not overweight, and yeah I guess this post should work as a reminder to all. This is what happens to you if you slack out.

programmer craig said...

I've had the same problem lately you describe Mo... I went from extreme physical excercise in the Marines to being a deskbound computer programmer. I got away with it for about 5 years, but then I started getting a bit... mushy... around the middle :p

Lets see... pounds to kilos is pounds / 2.2 right? I weighed 86 kilos in the Marines which I guess is my ideal weight. I weighed 95 kilos 6 months ago. 89 kilos now. I think I'm setting my goal for about 81 kilos because I'm not as muscular as I was in the Marines... gonna see how things go I guess.

It's freaking hard though. I tried just eating less (I'm not really an over-eater, I just don't get enough excercise) but that didn't really do anything. Then I joined a Gym which is working pretty well... problem is my workout buddy is wanting to work with weights all the time, with emphasis on bodybuilding, which really isn't what I'm there for. It is taking off the pounds, but I'd rather be doing a cardio workout. Anyway... the gym works. I go 3 times a week for about 1.5 hours and that seems to be plenty. And it's a lot harder to be lazy about it when I've got a set schedule to keep with a workout partner.

Alina said...

Quite nice to read this Monday morning! Thanx, Mo, I really needed to remind myself to loose some more weight! NOT! Oh, well, I guess it's faith! :))

Adi said...

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