Thursday, July 28, 2005

China's awesome rise

Here's a good reminder about China's enormous rapid economic growth, a multidimensional report. Get scared, and start worrying about how we're doing. China is the new mecca that all the businesses are flocking to.

Forget about its huge consumer market, but they've managed to use that for their benefit, and become a major producer. Their policy of forcing multinationals who are so eager to tap that market to couple with local developers I think is one of the keys to how they developed their technology industry and matured it so well.

Its not just the major cities of Beijing and Shanghai that are doing well, but the poor west is picking up as well. In Chengdu:

hundreds of high-octane multinational companies, including Alcatel, Corning, Ericsson, and Microsoft, have established branches. An hour and a half's drive from the city, Phoenix-based ON Semiconductor Corp., which spun off from Motorola Inc. in 1999, operates a joint-venture IC assembly-and-test plant with 2000 workers. It is now building a semiconductor facility next door; the 150-millimeter wafer fab will be the first in western China. Negotiations are also under way with IBM for what would be its largest software outsourcing center anywhere. In 2004 alone, Chengdu attracted $7 billion in foreign capital investments, making it the fastest-growing high-tech center in western China.

The story around here when some Japanese wanted to build an IC fabrication plant and they were talking about the requirements for building a Cleanroom for the plant with the guys at the Ministry of Industry, the reply was; "Egypt is not dirty, Egypt is clean, we don't need no special clean rooms!"

My relationship with my good old Chinese friends is fading away with the years, but they sure were good guys. I was so eager to go to China at one point, almost made it to Tibet, but that lousy virus ruined the plans. Seems like very far fetched plans now. And going to work there for a few months didn't work out before, and is certainly very unlikely now. I have to figure a way to get connected again to that upcoming superpower. Almost impossible to speak their language. Should we start with Cantonese or Mandarin? Well, atleast I like their food.

I've mentioned the Chinese once before here. One obvious difference between Chinese and Egyptians, is that they can work well together, so well. They're incredibly patriotic too, and they're persistant like crazy. There was this religious cult that was being prosecuted in China and they held a demonstration for over three years infront of one of China's embassies abroad. No kidding, they setup a tent and a display infront of the embassy, and rotated people 24/7 for over three years. But ofcourse, all the other patriotic Chinese called them crazy. If you think Egyptians are survivors and hard workers (this one is questionable), you ought to go see the Chinese.


roora said...

mohamed , if you are so impressed by the chineese work , why dont u just try to join one of their companies in egypt? there is so many good ones , there is a very big one in maadi

Mohamed said...

Yes Roora, and they're paying pretty good too. Maybe that'll be my next move!

haal said...

Ah yes, why dont u join Peking? It would be a good move in your weight, I mean career, ladder.

chor said...

start with Mandarin- all of us speak Mandarin, even if we're from Hong Kong. Although, if you start out speaking Cantonese, Mandarin is very easy, but not vice versa.

Unity, its an Asian mentality. We wouldn't have survived efforts of colonization or war with Japan otherwise.

The One said...

I join with Mo in his praise of China. Truly, that country in theory should be in major crisis by our standards (we claim that we have a population crisis when we only have a pathetic 70M pop, they have 1.? BILLION - that's more than 10X!).

But as Amr Khaled says, people can be made into a resource rather than a liability. China serves very well as an example!