Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sharm blasts

So I'm spending more time by the sea these days. The sea is definetely good for me. Heard the news about the Sharm blasts on Friday night while I was in hot Marina. Marina gives a new definition for Egyptian female sexiness. So while hearing the news I thought that this Marina place could very well be a next target for the terrorists.

I think its a shame ofcourse, and all the usual curse words for the terrorists are in place here. Atleast Londoners won't feel they're alone in this now. There you go, even we, Arab Muslims suffer the same.

Ofcourse, I have to stress again that this is proof that Bush has failed. I said it before, and I'm saying it again. Ok don't question Bush for that war on terror, but have him think of some other way to do it maybe? I hate to admit it, but Hosni Mubarak, our wise president, was right when he said that the war in Iraq will create a thousand Bin Ladens. He said that and then somehow he managed to do every single thing the US asked of him afterwards!

88 died in the Sharm blasts, among them 7 Foreign tourists. The majority of those killed were Egyptians. One of the bombs was in the Souq area which is completely occupied by Egyptians. One of the bombs was in a hotel that I've stayed in twice before.

In AlAzhar bombings last April, the state security rounded up all of the terrorist's family and tortured them because he was related to them. So a few weeks later, his brother, sister and fiance went out in a shooting rampage killing themselves in the process.

Last October after the Taba bombings, the State Security rounded up and detained atleast two thousand of the Sinai residents. And yesterday, one day before the Taba trials we get a very similar terrorist act in Sharm AlSheikh. I hope our wise State Security guys start wondering about their "relatives' rounding up" policy like I am now.

When Habib AlAdly, our Interior Minister, is fired next September with the next Cabinet shuffle for the lousy job he did, I hope Hosni steps down as well, because he sure is a big part of this problem.

Hosni has cut his vacation short to go visit the blast site and he seemed to be very scared having Commando guys from the army securing him. I'm wondering where he was vacationing, was it in Sharm?

I am now wondering if I should go ahead with my Sinai plans next week and if its worth the hassle, especially that I'll be going with my car. Wouldn't wanna disappear in mysterious circumstances.

I feel very sorry for those dead and injured, and in no way is this meant to diminish the pain of those involved in those blasts. But I just happen to believe that these blasts are not our biggest problems in Egypt. Last Sunday for example, 7 were killed and 40 injured in a bus crash, and this happens pretty frequently too.


LouLou said...


George Bush is under no obligation to defend Egypt or its citizens from terrorism. Not unless you're advocating that the Americans should invade Egypt & take over its security & solve its political & religious problems.We've all seen how well that has worked out in Iraq haven't we?

He is the President of the US & his war on terror is successful because there have been no more attacks on American soil since 9/11. He has succeeded in protecting his own people. That's his only responsibility. Yes he talks a lot about defeating evil in the world & spreading democracy but that is nonsense. It's not in his power to do either.

I hope you're not going to wait until the death toll from terrorism exceeds that from traffic accidents or natural causes before you believe that something needs to be done about it.

Road accidents don't destablize countries. They don't ruin economies or destroy people's livelihoods. They don't spread fear & hate & cause people to be afraid to go about their daily lives. Am sorry. Don't see your point here at all.

Much as I dislike Bush you have to admit that he only declared his war on terror AFTER the terrorists declared war on the West IN OUR NAME.That's your name too.

Yes Bush is like a bull in a China shop. And yes he is probably making things much worse. All the more reason to take charge of our own problems.

Mohamed said...

Loulou, I don't really care about Bush's war on terrorism, and I'm not saying that he should defend Egypt, nor that he and his administration are to blame. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that he set out a main goal for his presidency, and that has failed with all the terrorism spreading all over the world, including Britain, his closest allies. I am actually for a war on terrorism, ofcourse. And that's what I'm saying, its not working, and I want it to work. A big part of his declared war on terror has nothing to do with that, and is not helping at all, if not instigating more terrorism. But he is not to blame alone, that's for sure. Just needed to point out the relevancy of the war on terror here. We can't live this war on terror for 4 years, and then when the terrorists strike we forget all about it, and don't atleast learn something from it. We have been doing our role in this war for sure. We even have been torturing suspects for the US here in Egypt.

"Road accidents don't destablize countries. They don't ruin economies or destroy people's livelihoods."

I disagree, they do. That accident I pointed to, which happens frequently has taken the lives of 7 people. Its just a routine drive, but so many have died just because of so many wrong things in this country. Far more people die in this country because of the mess we're in than any terrorist acts that happened here. I'm not saying that the terrorist blast is not devastating, its incredibly so, but its not our biggest problems. This also doesn't mean that we should ignore it still ofcourse, and I'm not, I'm just putting it in perspective.

Really, what's new in the way everyone's been dealing with those terrorists? Ok, one thing should definetely be consistent, that is dealing with them as mass murderous criminals that should be punished, but that's not enough.

LouLou said...


Terrorism does the following:

1)It destroys tourism.
2)It scares off investment.
3)It increases unemployment & poverty which affects every aspect of life.Political reform & democracy can't make it without economic progress.And economic progress does lead to better roads btw.
4)It spreads hate & prejudice against us all over the world - as you would know if you have tried travelling with a Middle Eastern passport.
5)When terrorists go out & attack other people it brings reprisals on our heads.It brings political pressure on us. It brought war on Iraq & Afghanistan.

Now do road accidents do all of the above?

Mohamed said...

Lou, I'm not gonna go into an endless debate here, but you're not getting my point. Not even close to it.

Well, I bet you tourism and investment won't slow down in Britain, eh.

What hate and prejudice?! We are targets just like they are. Atleast if the West changes their policies they will avoid all that, but we, we live with those bastards and as long as they don't like the way we live, they'd rather kill us than live alongside with us.

Where did I say that terrorism is good for us?!! The road accidents I'm refering to are just an example, resulting from the mess we're in.

LouLou said...

No I guess am not getting your point at all. But as you wish, we'll bypass the 'endless debate'. Cheers.

stefania said...

Let us hope the demo is succesful

Twosret said...


You are absolutely right. The passive attitude have other reasons here.


Very few people showed up simply because the 24 hours notice was very short to a lot of people.

More demos to come this is not over. We the people of Egypt will not tolerate terrorism anymore (whether we live in Egypt or outside of Egypt).

I am very proud of everyone who took a positive action today and went to the demo. It only prove that the people who went and helped in this small demo are the real people who are willing to take an action rather than sit on their butts and complain.

Mohamed said...

Twosret, give me a break and stop judging people, will you. That demo is well and good, but its not gonna stop terrorism, its just an attempt to please the West so you can have an easier life over there!

BTW, I went to that bridge and didn't find a soul.

Twosret said...

"its just an attempt to please the West so you can have an easier life over there!"

If that what was on your mind why did you go then?

Wow last I heard the bombings were in Sharm El Sheikh not the state of Missouri.

My life in the west is awesome. My life in Egypt was wonderful. I'm Christian-arab and not a subject of any racisim or discrimination.

If I helped as an arab-american in organizing a very small demo with very little resources, it was for my country Egypt not for my own comfort.

To take a step and go was a good move Mohamed Bravo! too bad it was for the wrong reason.

Thanks for caring for my safety so much. Really nice of you Mohamed but, Egypt is on fire and if you don't move for the right reason and do something about it, someone dear to you Godforbid will be a victim if not yourself.

Take it from me a second cousin of two 9/11 victims!


Mohamed said...

If I or someone dear to me is a victim of this, then it is meant to be, its life. It does not change the reasons of this problem. But if this happens, it might give me salvage to find someone to blame and get the sympathy of the world.

Twosret said...

Ham yada7ak we Ham yebaky.

Good luck Mohamed with your attitude towards terrorism or may be I should say BUSES!

"it might give me salvage to find someone to blame and get the sympathy of the world."

It will be too late. Have you heard of preventive medicine?!

Oh well! I guess we shouldn't contact you on our next demo you will be too busy fighting your demons (cars and buses that is) LOL!

Mohamed said...

Always funny as usual Twosret. Find it hard to hear what you're saying from all the LOLing!

Twosret said...


I will put aside our differences and wish you luck in doing anything for your country. Whether it is blogging or working with human rights issues for people arrested unfairly or even helping victims of traffic accidents.

Hope you will join one day efforts for peace or anti-terrorism. Hope you can remain positive.

P.S. I'm sorry you lost your sense of humor.

Mohamed said...

Yes, ofcourse I lost it. Nothing humorous here, and you're definetely not funny. Adding a LOL at the end of each sentence you make doesn't make you funny in any way, and doesn't add any value to what you say either.

Its none of your business what I do for my country. You can sit there in Missouri and complain about us all you want. You have no plans to ever come live here. You wanna complain about whatever, feel free to do that, but don't ever tell me what to do or how to think, especially if you wrap it in a LOL.

Twosret said...


ألِف said...

Of course Bush failed.
You can't 'war' a concept. Only a nation/army.

Many people can't comprehend that one can be against the bombing without placing himself on a single track for condemning it ALONE. The bombing, and terrorism in general, are the symptoms not the cause. They are bad indeed, but protesting against them doesn't achieve much except: Feeling good about oneself for doing his good deed for the day; Showing westerners that I too, like you, I'm against it.

I'll say this once more: I'm not afraid to have an idea or feeling that aligns with that of the west or anybody else when that is the right thing (and in this case condemning is) but from our position in the world we know where the roots of the problem are and should protest for those, WHILE showing condolence and respect for those who were affected.