Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bloggers, again

Some people are actually still asking about my previous post about bloggers! After I wrote that post, some asked what I meant about my description of them, and some emailed me also wondering what I meant, and some I think were playing with me telling me that I've hit a chord!

I didn't explain what I meant by each of my sentences about each blogger, or my labeling of them (as someone called it) because it really doesn't matter. Doesn't really matter what I think of you. I don't even know you, I just made some deductions from your public blogs or your blog comments, doesn't mean anything.

What I wanted to do is to trigger you, make you think about yourselves. Whether my statements were judgemental or not, right or wrong, if you took a second to think about it in relevance to you than it was worth it. Bloggers tend to criticize everything that walks, so why not get a taste of that themselves. I had a much harsher version of that post initially, but I toned it down so that people wouldn't get extremely offended, turning a blind eye to it all together.

Not being sentimental here or anything, but I only screw with close friends, and I only harshly criticize people I like. Doesn't have to be mutual at all, don't worry.

So really, DNA will sure be missed. Can always find something to disagree with in everything he writes, but am always anxious to read his view on things, and his different perspective and pragmatic views always have to make you think.

Haal, totally triggers me and stimulates me. Very unique mind.

Baheyya, just too good of a writer. Too darn good that I have to consult a dictionary everytime I read her posts. With the depth of her posts and strong analysis and writing skills, you just have to get convinced with whatever she writes.

Mohammed, simply my favorite Arabic blog. I connect with his stuff, almost get high.

Alaa, I really admire his energy and his revolutionary spirit. Who cares about the hair.

Loulou, if its any consolation, I love worrying, just like you. And what would the world be without idealism?

Roora, good-hearted, compassionate, straight and looking for the good of others.

Zoss, I really have no clue who you are.

R, how can I complain. I know I shouldn't involve religion in this, but if Christianity is the secret, then I might actually convert to try to be as balanced and civil as he is.

Stacey, I think I've triggered her enough. Wish her all the best with her work here.

Big Pharaoh, doing his best, and his blog sounds really innocent.

Sandmonkey, whom I've denied the pleasure of my criticism before is actually a good guy, just a teeny bit full of himself at times.

See, even I can suck up. A true Egyptian I am :)


haal said...

Typical Egyptian ......!

LouLou said...


7amdillah 3ala Salamtak but do you think you can slow down a bit?Am having trouble keeping up with your posts & the comments:)

Just like the London bus. Late all day & then 3 show up together:)

Mohamed said...

Yes, sure I can. I've written enough too.

The One said...

The best thing about this is that I found quite a good bunch of interesting blogs to explore! heheh...

zoss said...

"Zoss, I really have no clue who you are."

do u care?

Mohamed said...

Yes, otherwise I wouldn't have tried earlier.

zoss said...


Mohamed said...

I already said in the post Zoss.

Al Sharief said...

"True Egyptian.." I honor & accept;
but NOT ordinary ;)