Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bloggers everywhere

I was asking my friend who's involved with the Misr for Culture and Dialogue NGO if they have a lecture planned for this week, and he told me they have a session about "bee-logs" instead. I used to like to attend lectures at this place, but seems that bloggers are planning to hijack it! Come on, give me some space to breath, bloggers are everywhere now, protests, newspapers, TV, activists events, and now that NGO. Next thing I'll find them in my bed! Anyways, so this looks like what I don't hope to be a new movement, Bloggers for Change hosted by Misr for Culture and Dialogue NGO. I like to attend lectures there from time to time, so this session/dialogue might be interesting, and I'd be curious to go and just listen, but I suppose we'll be able to read the outcome on the blogs anyway. In any case, here goes the invitation:

تدعوكم جمعية مصر للثقافة والحوار لحضور لقاءها الحوار ي الأول تحت عنوان
المدونون المصريون والتغيير

سيكون الموضوع الرئيس للحوار هو الأثر الذي حققته حركة المدونين المصريين في دفع عجلة التغيير في مصر وملامح هذه الحركة والاليات التي اتبعتها والانجازات التي حققتها كما سيتم مناقشة الأفكار والوسائل لدفع عملية التغيير وتطويرها خاصة فيما بعد الانتخابات الرئاسة المصرية لعام 2005

المكان :القاهرة - 26 شارع النزهة . عمارات القوات المسلحة بمدينة مصر – الدور الارضي
الزمان : الخميس الموافق الخامس عشر من سبتمبر – الساعة السادسة ونصف مساءا

تنسيق : أ. مالك مصطفي
لمزيد من المعلومات يرجي الاتصال بموبيل رقم

** جمعية مصر للثقافة والحوار جمعية اهلية يراس مجلس إدارته الدكتور سليم العوا ومن اعضاء مجلس إدارتهاالمفكر الكبيرالدكتور عبدالوهاب المسيري**

الدعوة عامة للجميع

سيحضر الندوة مجموعة من المدونين من مختلف الاتجاهات


haal said...

Sounds cool actually! I might attend.

Mai said...

ok.. i never really asked myself what is the arabic translation for blog, but "al modaweneen" does not sound good to me. so a blog is a "diwan" then? is this the accepted word for blog in egypt?

and why is the session called "bee log"?

Mohamed said...

Have fun then Haal. I think you would provide a different beat for their meeting for sure.

Mai, yeah almodawenoon seems to be the established term in Arabic now, and a blog is a modawana. The session is not caled bee-log, that's just how my friend pronounced the term since it was new to him.

Mai said...

"modawana"? hello.. this doesn't say anything about it being online or even being in a digital form. again, it's the challenge facing our language to accommodate the new technological english terms. i totally think this one is inadequate. anyone else thinks the same?

Mai said...

and how about pronouncing it "al buloj".. sounds more arabic? :)

tota said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mohamed said...

Thanks Tota. I see you are a female engineer. Was I wrong to complain before about the lack of women in engineering then? or is it just that the few women engineers out there happen to like blogging!

ألِف said...

Hahaaa..yes, talking about bloggers being every where..IN YOUR BLOG

I know some [Egyptian] people also who insisted on calling it bee-log even after I pronounced it to them and explained its etymology; even though they are bloggers themselves. They are the same people who call the other one sky-pee.

Mai, I don't see your point in objecting on Modawwana مدونة!
"modawana"? hello.. this doesn't say anything about it being online or even being in a digital form
And where does the English word blog imply anything about being digital? Even if you de-coin it, it doesn't. A web is what spiders have been busying themselves doing for the past few hundred million years, and good old water vessels which were made of sawn wood logs had logs where captains recorded the ship's daily happenings.

I had elaborated on what I think in this regard before. If you read Arabic, please tell me what you think. To sum it: We are the ones who are challanged (read retarded), not the[/any] language.

Mohammad: Did you go?

Mohamed said...

Hehe, yeah Alif, even on my blog!

No, I didn't go. Trying to avoid bloggers as much as possible!

tota said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mohamed said...

Tota, I blog for a living. I am a blogging engineer.

Don't know if you know Rora by any chance, but you two seem like twin sisters!

Anonymous said...

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