Monday, September 05, 2005

Mubarak signs

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this English sign for Mubarak so I had to take a picture of it (below)! Unfortunately, the picture is not that clear, but as far as I remember the sign says something like "To show the world that we are practicing democracy, we say yes to Mubarak. Name: [the guy's full name], Nickname: [the guy's first, father and family name]", and his picture ofcourse, a little smaller than Mubarak's. And he had to write the sign in English? Unbelievable! Ofcourse, there's no need to point out the number of Mubarak signs fighting for the wall.

A deadly combination of a fancy show, mixed with some treason, and lots of apathy. Or maybe Mubarak is indeed popular (for no self-serving purposes), and I am the idiot.

On the topic of signs, some friends (ex-colleagues) of mine working in a large manufacturing and development facility were surprised to find a big banner yesterday in support of Mubarak in the name of the company, the board, and all the employees. My friends wouldn't take it, did not agree to have a banner on their behalf when they never gave consent for that, so after discussions they decided to send one of them as a representative to discuss bringing down the sign with a member of the company's board. They haven't met any of them till now, seems that they won't be able to raise their complaints until after the elections!


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Mohamed said...

This is the first relevant spam I get in a while :) (well, I did get some porno promotion stuff, but I didn't wanna share it!). Ah, don't click on their link.

This stuff is actually more relevant than Mubarak's advertisements.

Al Sharief said...

This is funny ;-)
"Haga Tsedd El Nefis"

MoonLightShadow said...

I’ve came across an English sign for Mubarak as well. I didn’t read what was written there, but it was funny, and I wondered whom are they addressing?! Would there be Egyptians who are going to vote who can’t read Arabic?!!

koko said...

What's even more interesting are the chants that they hire people to use in conventions. My favorite is: Ya Gamal 2ool labouk, sha3b masr bey7ebook :)