Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sania is a good Muslim player

Sania Mirza is an 18-year old Indian Muslim Tennis player ranked 37 on the world ranking today up from number 132 last February. She's praised by everyone for her pleasant Tennis style, atittude on court, fighting spirit and ambition. The only ones criticizing her are some Muslims who don't like her attire on court, maybe prefer a long restrictive skirt or maybe a veil even!

I have seen one of the Egyptian female Squash champions playing with a Hijab. A veiled teenage girl who plays really well and the head scarf doesn't seem to bother her, but boy did I feel for her and just couldn't imagine that she's not struggling against those heavy pants and face sweating scarf along with her struggle on court. But that's her choice nevertheless --I hope.

Sania complains that "Every word I speak, every skirt I wear is discussed and analyzed".

"Well behaved women rarely make history" says one of the t-shirts she wore once on court, but just for the fun of it, she says.

Count me one of those proud of Sania and cheering her on her next match.


Adarsh Krishna said...

You can find some more interesting stuff about sania

--- Adarsh Krishna

Mohamed said...

Cool. Thanks Adarsh.

roora said...

Mohamed , as long as i love playing tennis and i am one of the big fans for this sport

and i started playing it again now , it is not really hard to play with a training suit and a scarf especially with loose clothes and in winter weather. this is beside that the grandslams occur in countries that have cold weathers.

My captin himself wears a trouser training, so i guess it is not really hard as you think.

Mohamed said...

What's your world ranking roora?!

TARFAH said...


roora said...

Walahy ya Mohamed , I dont know !
Does it matter ? my opinion is the same :)

citizen of the world said...

Hello Mohamed! I really appreciated your articles and your writing style. I would like to better know the person hidding behind this profile. Your age, educational background... Waiting for your response.

serena1 said...


How nice of you to be a person who is open minded and respect a woman who doesn't wear a veil and is a Muslim.

I wish I could see the day that all women are appreciated and respected for who they are and not the way they look. The more open minded men are, the more that the world is a better place:)

Lina said... name is lina i read many of ur blogs by coincidence..i really like all what i read..specially this one because i am a tennis player..u can say i was a champion..and i wore the veil from 1 month..I liked all the topics u wrote about even the personal onez..I'd really like to chatwith u if u dun mind ofcourse about islamic stuff or any topics of ur interests..waitin for ur reply thats ma e

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