Friday, September 30, 2005


This blog is moving, to somehwere else. Destination undetermined yet. I'm bored of you all and want to blog in private again, or to strangers again. If I get tired or bored I'll come back, but until then, wish me luck.

In the meantime, don't come here again. Look for me elsewhere if you care [keywords = sex, love, sense, thought, logic, me, her, it, gods, now, then, back, whenever, whatever, human, bla, bla, bla].

If you're still wondering, ask yourself this. Did you learn anything from reading this blog? I sure as hell hope not, otherwise, you had no clue before. Then, if all you've learnt is about some shallow guy who calls himself Mohamed from Cairo, about his simple thoughts and dummy reflections, then you've been wasting your time, and you should thank me for saving you from my crap no more. Even as plain entertainment, this is not good enough. Just because its that easy to publish my thoughts onto the world wide web doesn't mean they're worth reading. I should be the only one to enjoy reading them. Remember, "I write to know what I think", so I'm just curious about myself and my mind. I had started with good intentions, but it really sucks now.

If you've really enjoyed it that you're planning to look for me elsewhere or to come back here wondering if you'll find me here again, then you're really obsessed and need immediate care.

In 5 years I've moved 8 times, and in the last 3 years I've moved 0 times (5 jobs don't count as moving). I got used to moving that I've missed it. Packing is so easy this time!


J's Girlfriend said...

Good luck!

I've moved 8 times in as many years and can identify. I always get restless after about 18 months.

MoonLightShadow said...

Mohamed, I’m really sad to read that. I’m really are!

Don’t know what would I write here, won’t be telling you stay, nor will be telling why leave.. Have no idea what to say.

What thoughts do I have in mind?! Well, one of the facts of life is people moving, missing people, etc.. In the beginning of knowing anyone, even if it’s all about a blog, I’ve always knew that this day will come one day or the other! And I always wait for it. I easily get attached to people and things.. and there is no wonder here that I get attached to some blogs as well.

You say it’s of no value, I say it’s of value. A dear person to me once said that some people cross our lives, whom we will never see or know again, we might not have direct communication with them either, but they might affect our lives greatly, even without noticing (That person was actually one of these who crossed my life, but I don’t know him personally).

I still don’t wonder about you moving.. I had the same idea of having an anonymous blog a number of times before.. but no way.. I’m attached, even to my own blog.

Will be looking elsewhere.. may be I have a good luck and I’ll find you, though you are bored of us.

Anyways, wish you good luck wherever you go.

Alina said...

Well, best of luck Mo! What can I say, never saw you as shallow, simple or ordinary and if really enjoying your blog and really missing it in the future makes me a really obsessed person, than that's just me I guess. After all, you wouldn't be the first one to tell me I need immediate care! :)

Maybe you will remeber us, those who made you get so bored, and stop by our blogs once in a while, just to say you are still alive. Post as anonymous or something if you don't want to be found and sign Mo, just Mo...

It's been nice knowing you, not knowing you or completely missunderstanding you or whatever other word you'd prefer to describe this experience...

Jane said...

Sounds like you're hitting a bit of a cyber-extistential crisis. Best of luck to you in your next batch of strangers. Enjoy your anonymity.

Jane said...

Oops...a cyber-existential crisis.

LouLou said...

You really think you can just abandon your blog?After you put in all this time & effort?

The audience - strangers or friends - is not what should be the most important thing. It's the record of your life, your thoughts, your moods.

You're putting yourself under unnecessary pressure if you think there's some sort of standard you have to meet - or that it's your job to enlighten or entertain others. If that's your objective, then you should start a magazine or a newspaper. Or a political movement.

Have never been able to abandon my diaries - even the ones I hate. Can't get myself to throw them away. Even though they were written when I was about 12 & I think I sound really stupid in them & get embarrassed when I read them.

Still can't throw them away. Or stop myself going back to read them. They're like old photo albums or home videos.They have a a part of me in them - even if it's a part that doesn't exist anymore. It did once.

The One said...

LouLou perfectly captured my thoughts on this... I obviously have no authority to pretend to tell you what to do Mo but... I do request that you consider her words carefully.

Either way, I suppose thanks are in order. I may not be one of your most systematic readers. But I can assure you that reading your blog had everlasting effects on me. So many thanks, and good luck in your future endeavors.

One of your homeboys (Egyptians) in Canada

roora said...

Mohamed , Good luck on what are you doing enshaaAllah ..

It was good knowing you through the blog. I enjoyed reading your blog even when sometimes I disagreed with you.

Good Luck :)

Al Sharief said...

" blog in private again"

OK Ya Mohamed I'll promise. I'll stop. You Are an "Ordinery Egyptian" ;) but with qualification. You are the top 5%
Ordinery Egyptian (OE).

I've much enjoyed your blog and because you are an importan (OE), I've got the feeling that I'll never loose you. You are found.

Enjoy your private blogging. But NO MO from Cairo will be a strager in the BlogOsphere.

Only to meet again...

Al Sharief said...

"Stranger" that is...

aroundtheclock24_7 said...

Wish you the best wherever you go ;)

roora said...
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TARFAH said...

So, praying, fasting, privacy mode or mood? and what is the difference!