Thursday, May 18, 2006

Phone Call

God is my best friend. Its all about love. Do whatever in life, do it well and it ought to be with the intention of pleasing God. That should be the ultimate goal. Whatever you do in life is of no real value as long as its not tied to the ultimate goal. Setting aside the relationship to God, isn't that somewhat similar to Nihilism? where nothing has any meaning on its own. No, Nihilism is very negative and loose, but this is positive and well-tied up to a goal. Modern philosophy places the individual to be the divine being, when in fact he might be, but only in relationship to a higher divine being.

So the answer to the big question of why we're created would be? to worship Allah.

So how did it all start? Traditionally agnostic, I felt God's presence strongly. Realized that I'm not just a body, but I have a soul, felt that He's indeed my best friend. Had a dream of someone calling my name, asked God for guidance. I realized God before finding Islam.

The aim is not to lose sight of the real goal, its not the task at hand, its what beyond that task. So be passionate about what you do, but learn to detach from worldly matters. They matter, but they're not the real matter. Know that the output is not in your hands, and as long as you're not doing it for your own ego, then the output doesn't matter.

Depressions now take on a different form. Maybe the reasons are still worldly ones, but its an indication of the increasing distance away from God. Get closer. How? Remeberence. Humbling the ego. Having the right intentions. Practice.


Safiya said...

Those are such beautiful sentiments. Too often people forget that the most important part of being a Muslim is the relationship you have with God. Or instead they focus on the things like the Hellfire instead of the Mercy and Love of God and the refuge this provides for us.

Nora said...

Very true.
But most of the time, we forget the goal, and just remember the means. Then, it's all worthless; but we don't realize that.

Mz. Cleopatra ♥♥ said...

hey mohammed... r u a virgin ??

Lina said...

this applies to me so much..and applies to all the people who r suffering from loneliness and not close to god but life and EL FETAN take us or me specially..i am so weak tryin to get close to him.