Saturday, April 22, 2006


Why are we created? What's my purpose? Why do you exist? What's your significance? What's your goal in life? Is it pure self interest, egotistical reasons? Trying to make something useful out of your life. What's useful? Just want to self-develop. Why?

Are our lives meaningful in any way? Different views; existentialist, humanist, pragmatist, nihilist. All valuable. Everyone sees it his own way. Everyone makes his own value out of his life --if he can. Is it better just to think you know what its all about, or just keep searching, thinking that you'll get closer to the truth? We're asked to keep thinking of God's doing in this life, are we not? As an act of worship? I think not, its an act of salvation. But ignorance is a bliss sometimes. The more you know, the more you realize you don't know, the more you suffer.

Is it about finding Him, and reaching out to Him? Is this a goal or a mean? But He is not the obstacle nor the catalyst to figuring that purpose.


Alina said...

I guess everyone's road in life is a mixture of what he/she wants to do and what he/she is supposed to do, mostly for the need or for pleasing others. And thinking of God, yes that is salvation, the hope you get from thinking there is a way He has planned for you and that every choice you've made will eventually mean and lead to something.

Safiya said...

As far as Islam is concerned the meaning of life is very clear. In the Quran we are told our purpose in life is to worship God, so the point is to follow God's rules in order to make as much of our short time on earth an act of worship as possible.

That is just one point of view and there are many others, but all of them have the seeking of happiness in common, either in this existence or another one.

Mohamed said...

Other than what we're told, I think everyone make their own definition of their purpose. Yes, its partly happiness, but what makes each one happy is very different from a person to another. And if worshiping God is a purpose, there are many ways to worship Him, is there not?

Boring Lips said...
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Boring Lips said...

Nice post.

I think that life has different meanings. I mean everybody has his/her own thoughts about what life means. But I also think that we as the human race are here to evolve - we work to make our lives valuable, different kinds of works though. And through our collaborative work we explore, discover, then eventually invent new things or even compose new musical pieces.
I think we are born to learn. Some prefer to learn bearing god in mind, some don't. But we all learn. I imagine it this way:
if the world were parted as empty rooms, each houses one human only for his/her lifetime. Then when this person is dead another person takes the room. What life might mean this way? What is the point of it?

By the way I think it will be interesting for you to know about this man Albert Camus. Also search for his story with Sisyphus

Take a look at our blog Al Meezan - more specifically look at a post entitled Sisyphus and the definition of MADNESS and another entitled Thinking of You, Dear Illusion I guess they are going to be interesting too.


Nora said...

The questions you ask are so difficult to answer. But I guess we can take the easy way you said "ignornace is a bliss sometimes". Other times, when we dig deeper to try to find the answers, we end up becoming more confused then when we started out.

"Are our lives meaningful in any way?"
I guess it's up to us whether we make our lives meaningful or not....meaningful to others, more than to ourselves.

On a totally un-related note; welcome back, the blogsphere missed you:-)

Faraway said...

Nora: I don’t think Mohamed is back yet. He just gets bored sometimes.
Mohamed: Yes, there’s so many ways to worship Allah. The first step is always to find out what your strength is. And then, how to use it to help yourself and help the people around you. It’s basically how to improve the life. It’s hard but it’s mandatory and it's the core of the worship.