Monday, October 30, 2006


In search of meaning. Its still not obvious. Is it replaceable with a goal? or a dream? Set a goal or have a dream and and you've created your own meaning? Shouldn't your goals and dreams be a reflection of your understanding and your definition? Then, the meaning becomes a cause. A cause for motivation, a cause for passion. What drives you? The meaning drives your passion and motivation to reach a certain goal.

Here are some options. But which should I pick?!

I. Its all about me. What I become. What I achieve. How I develop. How powerful I become. How much I'm worth. How much good I do. How I help others. How others perceive me. How I can save Myself. Whether its now or in the hereafter, its about me. Its about being happy. Its about being saved. Its about being better. Its about who I am and what I do now, and about my legacy then.

Him. Its all about Him. Believing in Him. Worshiping Him. Everything we do is for His sake. Anything we do is a mean to His end. He is the Creator, He is the Owner, we are His creation, and we are created by Him for Him, and that's all what its about. Worshiping comes in different forms, rituals, rememberance, worldly achievements, self-discipline and societal building. The effort you do is what counts, because the end result is in His hands.

None. There is no meaning. Its all haphazard. Just get along. Its a big mess, and you just happen to exist. Big chaos. Nonesense. I am here, but it doesn't really matter. Its a coincidence. Its what we make. Yet we can't make it all.


Alina said...

You are right, there is no meaning, no purpose and no logic, no understanding in anything.

I? I would really want to be someone else right now. And Him, sometimes He is the being I would most want to answer some questions: why? why me? why now?

bebe411 said...

there's no logical answer for your questions but maybe He has better plans for you. i know exactly what you mean. its like right now there is no point in doing anything.

شهرزاد Shahrazad said...

Which one do you identify with most just out of interest?

The first one at first glance seems selfish and materialistic but probably applies to most people at some stage of their lives. It has points which i think everyone ultimately wants to reach, like being better and being happy.

The second, though i'm leaning towards it most, is too passive...

The last one's not for me but i don't think chaos necessarily equals nonesense.

Mohamed said...

Your analysis seems right. We have to stick to only one, eh? Hmmm, too bad!

شهرزاد Shahrazad said...

No, don't stick to just one, by all means pick and mix.:)
Everything's connected anyway so we probably can't seperate the three or more choices that much. You can't find god without finding you and looking within first, but why are you perceiving chaos to mean nonesense?

Mohamed said...

I'm not perceiving chaos to mean nonesense, not at all. I'm using both to describe "None", they're not synonymous.