Saturday, November 04, 2006


Sitting in my balcony smoking a cigarette (I hope I never develop that habit). For three days now I wake up at 6 and can't finish my sleep. Thoughts of how she is abrupts my sleep. Triggered me from the first instance, and still does, but now in a much mellow way. Love to watch her. Watching all the angles. Don't want to miss a piece.

She's part of the scene, one with the surrounding, yet surely stands out. Very natural and unreserved. Free as a bird that's hopping on the ground. Her essence is Egyptian who values tradition, arriving from an outer world, but shares our space.

Does she remind me of the qualities I like most in the closest women in my life? What triggers me? I think I see in her what I would've liked to be! I keep asking for more, can't grasp she's real.

Pleased with the thought she's comfortable with me. Don't want to intrigue nor interest her, just want her to be, and allow me to watch.

She thinks we're similar. I don't see that. Maybe the non-obvious part in her is what connects with me.

"Through woman does man become whole, finds himself and then can find his Lord". Why is it through women that I try to find myself?!


Alina said...

I believe we're all looking for a missing part of our soul, all our life. We find it in others, sometimes for a short while, sometimes for a lifetime. No matter for how long, that feeling of completeness should definitelly be cherrished.

Mohamed said...

Yes, Alina, yes. Exactly!