Sunday, November 19, 2006

Becoming whole

Both our letters pronounced together form a very important and a vital word in the science of Yoga: OM.

"It's a tool, a phenomenon, a mystery. To many people, om is just a word chanted in meditation or as a closing prayer in yoga practice. However, translator notes that according to the ancient Indian traditions preserved in the Upanishads, all speech and thought are derived from one sound om. It expresses the ultimate reality."

Everytime I read your name in my mail, and associate it with the person I meet almost daily, linking it to that incredible internal image of the soul that is touching me so strongly these days, I smile inside!

What are you doing to me? How come you're making me so satisfied, by just being yourself, and nothing more. How come I'm so comfortable and at ease with you. Comfortable when I'm silent and comfortable when I'm talking. Comfortable when I'm vulnerable, and comfortable when I'm worried.

Could you really be my soul-mate? Did that dream really exist all along, and I was just in denial. Could it be true, someone will at last make me whole? Oh God, that's all I want! I feel it happening. How heavenly that would be, I wonder. Could God be really rewarding me for wanting this so much my whole life? Took abit longer than I had hoped for, but God sure works in mysterious ways. Just in time when I am ready to truly appreciate someone as beautiful as you.

Allah. Lead me. Take me closer. I feel I'm getting there. Bless this, for it is what will keep me going. I believe now. In the power of the souls. Those souls You've blown into. For I am starting to feel it, to see it. I can feel Your presence now. The numbness is fading. Love You God, for You are so Great and Merciful. Please forgive me.


Alina said...

Mo, I guess it is nothing less than what you deserve! Enjoy every second of it and have the faith to believe it's all true.

شهرزاد Shahrazad said...

Reading this post of yours i just had to touch wood.:)
You do deserve it and she's lucky too.

Nora said...

That was very beautifully put....lucky girl.

Al Sharief said...

A True Love From Cairo, Finally...

So glad you are Becoming whole.
Enjoy to the eternity of your & yours beautiful souls. Numbness is gone. Smile inside, make it happen, become whole, and be blessed.

Enjoy Ya "MO".
You noticed it is the opposite of "OM". Become whole.

c's said...

becoming whole is great! u wrote it long time ago, but still, it is applicable to the present

i once felt it. the harmony. however we had to break up for the sake of everyone else, or even ourselves as matter of customs and cultures wont solve in couple of months (it is actually because we can't make it that far,there is no destiny)

i do earn my whole as he left, but
separation still left me sinked more than expected. hope it to completely end