Wednesday, December 06, 2006

She's undead

They look great together. He looks temendously happy, calmly happy.. she looks beautiful. God, he's a very lucky man. I know she died, but that looks like it was a perfect relationship. Everything ends, but not everything lasts for so long so well, and ends by a third party in a natural way like that. He will miss her, he will be sad, but he is blessed and maybe he doesn't know it. His sadness will be valuable, for something that never left him, for someone that he'll cherish and will remember forever. What they had will now be eternal. God be with him in his loneliness, but she'll keep him company, his sadness will keep him company, his memories will keep him company. He'll rediscover life, carrying his memories, searching for a reason maybe. Why did she go, why now? why was it so good? What should he look forward to? he might not find answers. He might find sadness in his questions, find sorrow in remembering her, find loneliness in looking forward. But she doesn't have to be with him for them to be together, and she might be still present helping him rediscover this life. She's never gone, she's just not there.


Alina said...

So sorry for your friend! He is blessed in a way...As he will not also have to deal with feeling insecure and like he has failed...But really now, how do you get over something with no tangible closure? Someone so perfect and unforgettable?

eda said...