Sunday, November 26, 2006


Yes, I had forgotten about that fairouz tape. I really can't afford to have our friendship shaken, especially after its grown so well over the last period. It is a great connection to me, and I had great times with you. Cinderella one of them, Mohandeseen cafe another, and just calling you casually and doing something. But most important is that I feel comfortable opening up and talking to you, about whatever. You know me so well its amazing to me. On the one hand it scares me, and on the other I just love it. I like to think I know you a little bit too.

You are right, that I consciously and subconsciously slowly disappear from my "female-relationships", but I really don't wanna do this with you. I appreciate this friendship too much. Really, thanks again for the good words. They really mean alot to me, and I'm really sorry for being an asshole.

Yeah, you're like a perfect sister, a very close person whom I can trust (both your actions and judgements), and you provide me with very good support. I really do appreciate you and your opinions, and I am very proud of you actually. You know how much I like it that you know me so well, and that I like to think I know you so well too. Although it seems you're missing some stuff in me lately, thinking that I'm sometimes not that sincere.

I wish you can be more accessbile than you have been lately, but I respect your space as usual, but its always comforting knowing you're there. Life is really tough you know, and I realized how valuable and rare it is to have such good and close people in one's lives who really make a difference. So with you, unlike many others, I always keep trying, always check on you, always trying to make sure you're around. So do feel free ofcourse, but please affirm your presence.

Thanks for being my good friend.

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TARFAH said...

Sometimes you dont know how much someone means to you, until one day you catch a glimps of it. It hit me strongly. Just realised that you are really a dear close brother that in the little corner of my heart I am going to miss him.