Saturday, October 11, 2008


To my recent kind commenter. Here's my 2 cents worth on Capitalism today with my humble knowledge about money. I don't think Capitalism will fail, because it already did.

I am glad the governments are starting to intervene pumping cash and planning to nationalize banks because it seems this is the only way out of the deep mess free Capitalism got us in. But once that happened, and the government (a republican government) started intervening with the market, its not truly Capitalism anymore.

And what's with all the momentum Obama is gaining. I listen to the guy and its like listening to Marx with all his middle class talk. Its not what he's saying, its the amount of people voting for him despite of what he's saying.

That's why I think Capitalism is already dead.


Anonymous said...

Printing dollars is not helping us
in any way. What the Obama supporters don't understand is that
the financial crisis we are facing
is the direct result of "affirmative action" loans that
the democrats pushed. Republicans
voted against these in Congress but
they were passed by many of Obamas
friends. They were giving loans
with no social security number
needed, no proof of income and
surprise surprise they went into
default. His party is responsible
and he is blaming Republicans. He
said he will raise taxes for the
rich, $250,000 incomes and highher.
Yes, u will live well here with
that, definently upper middle class. But what people are failing
to realize is that income is the
GROSS not net. That is the typical
gross income for a small business,
like store or coffee shop. Those
people are not RICH! These are not
CEO's and the sort. THEY PAINT A
PICTURE OF LIES and deception! So
what will happen is these small
businesses will have their taxes
raised 30% and have to let go
several employees and we'll have
more problems! Don't even get me
started about Capital Gains tax.
It takes alot of risks and time to
build up wealth, why the hell would
I want Obama and his commie buddies
to take it away and spread it around to the illegal immigrants
living around me!!! They all get
all this free crap and all the
while I pay for everything, including my health care, school
tuition (because public schools
are full of mexicans and gangs) and
surprise surprise my own food and
school costs. Here u get can pretty
much live off the government if u
want to. And the Egyptians I know
who live here (among other arabs)
who are not proffessionals have
learned to do the same, but have
NO PROBLEM lying for about 10 or
more years. They are stupid because
while they are hiding the real
money they make, making their
families live like rats in a one
bedroom apartment and getting free
apple juice from the WIC store in
5 years, they'll be doing the same
but their taxes show they make no
money. They will NEVER be able to
buy a home or get a loan and without ownership you are on the
outside looking in. Yeah it's a
free ride, but there are consequences. Not only legal, but
spiritual as well. They say it's
not haram because we are a Kafir
government. HA HA HA HA stupid
losers they are!!!! Regarding the
stock market, it's in chaos now
because the polls show Obama is
in the lead. Smart investors are
getting their money out. There was
a point when republicans had the
senate and the white house and the
stock market went crazy all day.
up and up and up. Doesn't that
say something??? See, so they are
spinning this in their direction.
Many families have lost alot, so
it may be the thing that makes
Mc Cain lose the election, alot
of people are crushed financially.
Next topic war in Iraq. They say
it pushed us into this financial
crisis. In reality we have not lost
that many troops, and it cost 10
bil per month which is nothing
compared to our other debt. The
democrats and republicans are not
that into exploring alternative
fuel resources which is making us
so dependent on the middle east.
But what is true is that the dems
keep voting against off shore
drilling. I think we all need to
free ourselves from that awful
backward Saudi Arabia and other
gulf countries. They SUCK ASS!!!
BODY more stupid than those arrogant retards. THEY HAVE NO
They know nothing. Now if you ever
thought our country sucked ass with
some of our "enlightented feminist"
THE LIBERALS! They have taken rights away from the parents and
given it to the state. They want
some kids to be able to get an
abortion without telling the parents,gay couples to marry (and
be able to adopt), teach our kids
that Gay marriage is right and
just another lifestyle equal to
man and woman. They have already
taken "under God" out of the pledge
of allegance. I AM SOOOO ANGRY!!!
And all the while we are handing
out citizen papers to all these
folks coming from wherever, the
democratic party appeals to them
and here they are listening to
Obamas appeals to the underdog
and middle class and destroying
my country. I mean really, I am
not coming over there, and telling
you how to run your country. I
will happily visit, spend my time
there with the fam, but never live.
SO how is it fair that Egyptians
& all other people come over here
after having lived there for so
long come here and vote like a
socialist. IT"S NOT FAIR> WE
to hear ur thoughts, on how to
get them to vote republican. I tried the "domestic" issues card,
but it doesn't work. I guess the
main issue is still Israel/Palestine and Iraq. WELL

Mohamed said...

I wouldn't know how to make them vote Republican, because if I would vote, I would vote Democrat myself, or even Green! Sorry!

You are one angry republican, they are really pissing you off, eh :)

Anonymous said...

See that's the point exactly ...
Why on earth would you vote
democrat? Why "green"? It doesn't
make any sense. Democrats either
vote that way because they are
ignorant of the issues or they
don't care and want those liberal
policies in tact no matter what
the cost. So those family issues
and the economic issues just mean
nothing huh?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure capatalism did not
fail. LOL You are not living in
a capatilism so you have no idea.
It's pretty easy here to start a
business and make money here & best
of all, the government doesn't take
it all away or drive away your
business. Hopefully that will stay
that way unless Obama gets elected.
There is no way u can truly comment
on the subject unless you have
lived here and tried to start a
business. If it has failed like u
said, Why do so mexicans who come
here illegally actually support
their families as street vendors?
The homeless can actually make a
living on just recyclingalone.
Actually people have bought houses
and sent their kids to college
on just recyling garbage. They
can live in the suburbs. Much better than the way the government
treats the Christian poeple picking up Cairo's garbage. Isn't
their name the "garbage" people.
That would NEVER happen here. How
could Al-Azhar let those people
live like that? How could Cairo's
elite let them live like that? How
can they let people live in the
graveyards? Where is the social
justice? Our poor are so much
better off. The DAMN really screwed
you guys, that's why we didn't
want to give it to you in the first
place. Now you can't grow enough
food!!! There are other ways to
make electricity!!!! But i know
the poverty started before. The
only way it will change if people
start respecting the "remedial"
jobs like mechanics. An auto mechanic in Germany is a great
profession and respected. What
would your parents say if you
wanted to grow up and be an
auto mechanic. Here we respect
labor jobs and have a middle class
majority. Not mostly poor and small
amount of rich like Egypt.

LouLou said...

I don't think capitalism is dead at all. I think it is just like everything else. Take it to an extreme and you have problems. Nothing works in the absolute.

I think capitalism in America was getting too extreme and now it's coming back.

There are things that the public sector simply has to pay for. Like education. If you don't have an acceptable standard of education for everyone, then your workers become less competitive against most other countries where the government DOES guarantee everyone a decent education. And by extension your products become less comeptitve and your businesses suffer.

Government has to pay for things like national security, wars, infrastructure, public education etc...Government has to be able to provide effective relief incases of disaster and it has to be able to take care of the elderly and the underage.

Now if working people - who are the majority - are taxed to the point where they can't afford anything other than the essentials then consumer demand is reduced and ALL business suffers. And economic growth stalls.

And if you don't tax anyone at all then who pays for your government?

Most countries in the world will eventually find some sort of formula to optimize public vs. private expenditure without going off into outer space in either direction. This formula may differ from country to country based on a lot of internal factors.

I doubt that the current American model will work in many places including the US itself. I am impressed Americans have managed to sustain it as long as they have. This can only be because they have such a huge economy to start with. I don't think anyone else could have risked it.

Americans have to realize that they need to pay for their own government. You can't just keep borrowing money from China because Americans are scared of socialism and don't want to pay taxes.

For one thing, China is in trouble too. Very soon, it may no longer have the money to lend the US. And even if it did, who is eventually going to pay China back? And isn't the concept of 'freedom' and 'independence' laughable when in reality your entire government is more or less owned by foreign creditors and ruled by an ideology of borrowing from other countries in order to consume endlessly? What would national security mean then?

Anonymous said...

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