Friday, March 04, 2005

Another Tarek AlBishry lecture

I wrote before about a lecture I attended by Tarek AlBishry. So I thought of sharing the joy of attending the next one with whoever might be interested. He continues to talk about Egypt in the last two centuries, continuing the events following the 1919 uprising:

السلام عليكم:
إن شاء الله الثلاثاءالموافق يوم 8\3\2004
سنستكمل محاضرات المستشار\ طارق البشرى للموسم الثقافى 2004\ 2005
و ذلك فى تمام الساعـــة السابعة و النصف مساء - بمقر الجمعية
عمارة 26 مشروع رابعة الإستثمارى - شارع النزهة -مدينة نصر
ت: 4188819

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praktike said...

Aha. I just realized -- I am stupid -- I missed the connection between the Al-Wasat party and the larger Wassateyya movement, of which I suppose Al-Bishry is a major intellectual leader. Time to do some more reading! Sometimes I miss these rather obvious points ...