Friday, March 04, 2005

Samir Ragab

A friend of mine is developing this habit of emailing me quotes from Samir Ragab's columns. I'm not sure if my friend likes to piss us off, or make us laugh, or cry, or what exactly. For those who don't know Samir Ragab, he's the Editor in Chief of one of the main state-owned newspapers (and a set of other publications), and is close to the President (=hypocrite):

كلما تابعنا مع الرئيس مبارك زياراته لمواقع الخير. والنماء. والازدهار.. آمنا بحق أن الماء الرقراق.. لا يتدفق إلا من ينابيع تفيض عذوبة. وصفاء. ونقاء. يغذيها بعقله. وقلبه. وفكره. وإيمانه. ويقينه "زعيم" يندر أن يجود به مثل هذا الزمان.
* الذين يرفعون شعار "كفاية".. أقول لهم: كفاية أنكم كارهون لأنفسكم قبل أن تكونوا حاقدين علي من هم أفضل منكم قيمة. وخلقاً. وعلماً.
يا أصحاب شعار "كفاية".. كفاكم عبطاً. وسذاجة. وتخلفاً.. بقــلم :ســــمير رجــــب

Its too much for me to translate really, so if someone translates it in the comments below, they'd be much too kind.

UPDATE: Here's another one of Samir's masterpieces.


Hellme said...

Everytime we follow President Mubarak to locations of bounty and growth and prosperity...we are compelled to truly believe that lapping water flows only from springs gushing with purity.. purified by his heart, intellect, honesty and the fact that, in this day and age, there is still a 'leader' like him.

Those who carry the 'Kefaya'(enough) slogan..I say to them, enough that you are more hateful of yourselves than you are spiteful of those who are more valuable than you, wiser, more knowledgable.

To the owners of 'Kefaya' (enough): enough stupidity, naivity, ignorance.

Mohamed said...

Thanks so much Hellme. You are too kind to take on this arduous task, and have the strength of not just reading, but finding the words to translate such a passionate quote! How does he come up with those phrases?!

Hellme said...

Lots and lots of drugs :)

R said...

AAAAAAAAAH...I don't know what to say.
I really have many contradictory feelings when I read Samir Ragab...
None of them is respect!

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Anonymous said...

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