Saturday, July 09, 2005

Stop the USAID

I've heard this more than once now and I'm tired of it. Some Americans asking us Egyptians to shut up, kiss up, and be happy with American foreign policy because of the US AID money given to Egypt every year.

Well, that aid money is not helping anyone but our dictator, Hosni Mubarak, where it is supporting his regime ensuring his stronghold to power. Him and his government are stealing half of it, and the other half is funneled back to the US by mandating to have American services and products be used, which are much more expensive and of less quality than their counterparts. Not to mention that this AID money is to secure the peace treaty with Israel, America's baby doll, as it was a result of the Camp David Accord, when Sadat agreed to give up our national security in return for land.

Now, to those Americans who want to shut us up because Egypt gets USAID, don't tell me that I should be thankful to you!! Instead, please go talk to your congressman to STOP that money. WE DON'T WANT IT. And while you're at it, tell him to stop meddling in our affairs.


B. said...

I agree with you.

The One said...

If some American punks said something like this to you. Then all I can say is quote another American, telling them to take that USAID, shine it up REAL NICE, and stick it straight up their candy a$$ !

programmer craig said...

I agree with you too. The time for supporting friendly dictators is over. This is exactly the policy that created the global terrorism problem. There's some kind of severe social malfunction going on in the middle east, and I think the US is in large part resposnible for it.

I don't know that ending support for Mubarrak will help any, but how much could it hurt? Maybe a lot, if the Moslem Brotherhood takes over I guess, but what the hell. Maybe a few backards steps are necessary in order to move forward. Things are pretty messed up.

The One said...

I reall don't think that stopping the USAID will cause much damage. This is because I don't think that the Egyptian population actually "sees" that aid in any tangible form. It simply evaporates as it passes through the ranks of government officials.

On the otherhand (and despite the level on unrealism involved with this theory) if one day the Muslim Brotherhood took over, I highly doubt that it would be bad for the people. They aren't exactly what can be called an "extreme" group.

On the other hand, their clinging to their faith may prove as protection against the usual "stupor" of the throne. Guiding them to do what is best for the people rather than their own agenda.

Me,Myself and I said...

To such as statement i would say, hey america is not running a charity..(at least not in Egypt)..USAID, and any other funding mechanisms, are to serve first and foremost US foreign policy objectives whatever they in a way, the US is getting a lot of return for its "investment"- a yasa masa man..Furthermore, i do not think it is USAID which is the big is not that much in terms or a percentage to Egypt's GNP or is the military one $1.3 million and the blessings the regime, country, or whatever, receive from the US--it is kinda gives it a good rating on a report card and opens up the door for more assistance whether from the Bank, the Fund or other if we are into the state of mind of expressed by that fella..then let us sit down and monetize what the US gets out of this regime (political favours etc) and compare it to the figure of USAID assitance and then talk.

Jane said...

Until I read this post, Mohamed, I had no idea my country gave Egypt any money whatsoever. The US government takes in so much money it is next to impossible to find specifically where it all goes. Personally, I believe the US needs to stay out of the politics of other countries, except in rare, extreme cases. I'm all for giving humanitarian aid to those in need, but my country too often sticks its nose in where it doesn't belong.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what USAID spends in Egypt, but I doubt it's very much, compared to strategic allies Nigeria, Ukraine or Indonesia.

However, in terms of MILITARY spending Egypt is the second largest recipient (second to your neighbor, Israel).
Alot of USAID spending goes to non-governmental organizations dedicated to "democracy buidling", human rights, etc--their effectiveness is questionable.