Friday, September 09, 2005

Mubarak's landslide victory, 88.6%

That's enough to disappoint many people I suppose, and to make those who didn't vote relieved that they didn't miss anything. I was starting to worry that Mubarak is losing his popularity, but seems that he was freaking out too, missing those good old 99.9% numbers, so somehow the results ended up looking familiar. I wonder if they had to play with the numbers in the last minute after recalculating the repercussions, and deciding its not worth it to show that people's voices matters.

I hope no one thinks of their vote as a lost voice.

The pre-elections show was something new, the supporters were sickening as usual, but the regime wouldn't give up their traditional elections results. Now, all I have to do is have a media blackout to save myself from hearing all the Mubarak worshiping words of praise describing his great leadership which will cross us to the future, and how it was inevitable that he be elected in a landslide victory. I think I'll follow Japan's elections instead.

Now, what will happen with the parliamentary elections, I wonder? Will there be more dead bodies and more violence than usual to ensure the mini-Mubaraks victories? The regime is too fuckin weak to allow any leeway in parliament.


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