Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Concessions.. concessions..

I just resigned.

That was one of my easiest resignations. Got a confirmation for an offer elsewhere by phone this morning, printed out this resignation letter (instead of my usual two-line resignation letters), and just broke the news to my manager now. He's a smart guy, he was expecting it all along.

I feel nothing yet.

My travel plans are scrapped for now. Will now cancel my flight to Vancouver in September, and will give Egypt another shot, hang around for another year or two. But still want to move out for a couple of years in a couple of years.

I've tried to enjoy my life away from my unenjoyable job, but couldn't really do it. I started Oud lessons for a while, had an extra part time job for a while, and started blogging. All that helped me pass the time, but my job is a big part of my life and my future and I can't just ignore it and look the other way. All these distractions did help me break my record of employment in the last 3 years however. When I leave my company, I will have spent 11 months here. I don't even know how I managed to stay that long! My average was 6 months in the last three jobs. Actually, considering how bad I felt from this job, I didn't complain that much about it. Only here, here, here and here.

So finally, I go back to doing what I like most, the kind of work that I truly enjoy. I gave in and emailed the hiring manager at the company that had given me an offer a while back. This is the best option I have in Egypt, and this is what this country asks of you in order to survive in it, give in! I think I've grown immune to the mismanagement in Egyptian organizations that I can handle the upcoming crap. A company insider I met by coincidence last Sunday did relieve me abit however claiming that its not that bad. I hope his standards are not that different than mine.

I am calmly excited, not even anxious yet, but certainly hoping for the better, yet lowering my expectations. It all happened quickly when I started to develop my fears of travel next September, and decided to get back my old offer, and gladly, I got it back in a few days.

I'm sure hoping I get a chance to do something useful for a change. If it does turn out to be so, then hopefully there'll be less of me on this blogosphere as I'd have found something better to do. I still have a month to go though.


Me,Myself and I said...

congrats...am sure u did the right thing..it sounded like staying in a rotten marriage and just trying to slip out...there is always the right moment for doing stuff...bests of luck on ur new job..well done.

roora said...

hi mabrook on your new job so how did you get it ?
11 months too much ! this is too little in comparison to the time i spent in my previous job

roora said...

hey it seems that the comment that imade in your blog regarding work worked, some one leftme an offer on my blog that was nice

Mohamed said...

Good for you Roora. I'm gonna start charging for those ads from now on you know!

LouLou said...

Mabrook ya Mohamed.

Alina said...

Congratulations, Mohamed! I wish you all the best on your new job! Who knows, maybe I'll make a similar announcement shortly! :))

Alina said...

Hmm..OK, the more I think about it, the greater it sounds. So d'you know some egyptian english version of the jobsonline site? :))You opened Pandora's Box!

Al Sharief said...

Congrats Mo, change is OK , but I've noticed that there is a "Vancouver" option in the horizon. Man! please do not waste any more time! "give Egypt another shot"
Fine but ...?! It sounds that like it's time to get Married, arranged or otherwise, before leaving to Vancouver & that's sounds good, actually better. Land in September, take (only 1) a year to finish off this marrige business and go. Do NOT let any marriage to let the Vancouver project slip.

Vancouver is a hell of a great city in BEAUTIFULL BC & that would be a real change...

Wishing you best of luck at all rates.
Sorry but I could not help that delicate mix of Career, Marriage, and Vancouver

Sarah said...

I am glad I found someone who is strong enough to make decession so fast and stick to them. you sound happy and someout the short, defined sentence reflects some easiness. Am I crazy? Or is it just my imagination.

Congrates about your decession.
Og, and nice blog by the way